Papa John's Somehow Tops Customer Satisfaction Survey

While Domino’s has scrambled to re-imagine their pizza recipes and Pizza Hut continues to basically give away their pizzas for a pittance, it was Papa John’s who apparently made the best impression on eaters in the last year. The Kentucky-based chain has topped not only its pizzeria rivals, but all fast foods in an annual survey of customer satisfaction.

According the the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index — which factors in the following: Customer expectations; Perceived quality; Perceived value; Customer complaints and Customer loyalty — Papa John’s received the highest score of the 10 “limited service restaurants” surveyed.

Papa John’s score of 80/100 is a 6.7% increase from the previous year, when the pizza chain tied for third place with Little Caesar. The biggest improvement in customer satisfaction came from KFC, whose 8.7% bump moved it from the back of the pack to the #7 spot.

Speaking of the bottom of the barrel, McDonald’s slipped 4.3% to fall to last place, a full seven points behind #9 finisher Burger King.

Here is how the 10 restaurant chains fared (scores are out of 100)
1. Papa John’s (80)
2. Starbucks (78)
3. Little Caesar (78)
4. Pizza Hut (78)
5. Wendy’s (77)
6. Domino’s Pizza (77)
7. KFC (75)
8. Taco Bell (74)
9. Burger King (74)
10. McDonald’s (67)

Have to admit I’m a little confused by the inclusion of Little Caesar but not Subway… Hmmm.

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