Wendy's Employee And Customer Reenact Jerry Springer Episode At Drive-Through

Wendy’s employee Lorissa Mendez and Wendy’s customer Ashley A. Roberts have been feuding over the father of Mendez’s child. Ashley and her two friends pulled up at the drive through at 1 a.m. Sunday morning while Lorissa was working, and according to Lorissa they started “talking shit” about her. Lorissa responded by throwing a cup of fruit punch in Ashley’s face. The police were called once Ashley tried to climb through the drive-through window to get at Lorissa. Meanwhile someone at the counter was probably wondering why his Frosty order was taking so long to fill.

The police arrived, but according to the Courier Post Online no charges were filed by either party. The police, however, arrested Ashley for possession of marijuana.

“Angry customer tries to climb through Wendy’s drive-thru window in South Jersey” [Courier Post Online] (Thanks to Tom!)

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