31 Steps To Unlocking Cash In Your Life

With just a few hours work, you could unlock hundreds of dollars. It’s called a financial tuneup, and if you set aside some time to tackle some of those nagging to-dos, and wrassle with some customer service departments, you could end up with serious coin in your pocket. To get you started, NYT Your Money’s Ron Lieber has put together a killer interactive 31-point interactive checklist. He shows you how to save money, and how much money you can save.

Ron is turning the Financial Tuneup into an annual event. The panel discussion I was on last night, with investing rockstar Burton Malkiel and foxy Jean Chatzky from the Today show, was the kickoff. Here is some live tweeting from the event. The best advice was Burt’s advice about getting an index fund that invests in emerging markets, and his secret home-made popcorn recipe.

31 Steps to a Financial Tuneup [NYT]
Tweets from last night’s panel: #nytyourmoney
Take a Few Hours and Unlock Some Cash [NYT]

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