Cellphone User Sues Movie Theater After Arm Rest Hits Her Head

A woman who was hunched over chatting on her cellphone “discreetly” says the movie theater she was in is negligent because an arm rest fell down and smacked her in the head.

It apparently did give her quite a bump on the head because she was taken by ambulance from the theater to a nearby hospital, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Who knew? You go to the movie theaters and the arm rest is going to knock you out. It’s an unforeseen incident and you don’t want anybody to go through the pain and suffering I’m going through,” [the woman] told the Sun-Times.

The lawsuit claims the theater was negligent because it did not properly maintain the armrests.

When the Sun-Times asked her if she was rethinking that call (because she was probably annoying other people) she was unrepentant.

“I bent down so as not to disturb anybody,” she told the paper.

Armrest bonks cellphone user on head during movie: lawsuit [Sun-Times]