Former Domino's YouTube Gross Out Girl Can't Get A Job Now

Kristy Hammonds, the woman who filmed her friend Michael doing inappropriate things to the food they were supposed to be preparing, needs a job to feed her two kids. She says she’s been trying to get work at other fast food restaurants, though, which might be part of the problem.

Hammonds appeared yesterday morning on Good Morning America, but we haven’t located a video of the appearance yet. Instead, here’s part of a recap article posted on ABC’s website that coincided with her GMA appearance:

Kristy Hammonds, 31, tells ABC News that she has become a local pariah and cannot find work to support her two children…

Hammonds, a registered sex offender who faces felony food tampering charges from the Domino’s incident, says she has been turned down at several area fast food restaurants, including Taco Bell and McDonalds, when employers recognized her name and face.

She says her inability to find work has made it difficult to raise her two children, aged 4 [years] and 8 months, whom she conceived with the aid of a sperm donor. The baby, she said, has special needs.

We think Kristy should work again and support her family. Just, you know, not in the food service industry.

A warning: don’t watch the lame “story recap” video accompanying the article if you’re wearing a Halloween mask. It appears to be an attempt to trigger the Silver Shamrock Samhain spell from Halloween III. (Also, the talking heads look like dorks—do you really need an editor from Wired Magazine to watch those clips alongside an ABC reporter and crack wise? No.)

“Star of Domino’s Pizza Gross-Out Video Is Sorry” [ABC News via Barf Blog]
(Photo: unk’s dump truck)

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