Domino's Rogue Employees Do Disgusting Things To The Food, Put It On YouTube

Here are three clips of Kristy and Michael, a couple of not-that-bright idiots getting themselves fired, and quite possible sued, by doing unsanitary things to customers’ orders on camera while their manager sits in the back reading the newspaper. “Whiteair2” posted them to YouTube in the last day, and now everyone knows that Michael likes to put cheese and peppers up his nose.

Update: Some of our readers managed to track down the Domino’s location and alert corporate.

There’s also a bare-butt video (possibly nsfw) that had already been pulled from the YouTube page before we got to it, but managed to grab it before it disappeared. Click through to their site to see Michael rub a kitchen sponge in his butt crack before scrubbing a pot with it. Or, you know, just trust us and don’t.

Also, Kristy admits to reading “sTori Telling,” which is a different but equally repellent sort of crime.

(Thanks to Bob and Vincent!)

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