Dear Pizza Hut, Thanks For The Racist Receipt

An African-American man in Missouri is considering legal action against Pizza Hut after having his name replaced on a receipt with the words “BIGBLACK.”

“At first I thought maybe this was some type of promotional,” the customer explained. “This had to be the name of a pizza that I didn’t know.”

But he continued to be dogged by suspicion, so he compared it to a receipt from another area Pizza Hut and, “Lo and behold, the same spot where the name would go is where the racist remark went from the Pizza Hut on Lindell.”

And then there’s the matter of timing — The incident occurred on Martin Luther King Day. “To be an African-American male and have that type of injustice done to you, especially by a Caucasian, on Martin Luther King holiday, it just threw me so hard,” explained the disgruntled customer.

After voicing his displeasure to Pizza Hut, the customer was offered two $50 gift cards and a letter of apology from Hut headquarters.

“We have taken corrective action, including an employee training at this restaurant, to make sure our policies are adhered to,” said Chris Fuller, Pizza Hut spokesman. Hut policy dictates that only name, address or phone number can be used to identify customers.

However, the customer still feels a personal slight and is considering legal action.

“It’s good that they did manage to step up and do something, but still they have not addressed [my] problem,” the customer, who says he was the only one in that Pizza Hut at the time of his purchase, explained. “First you’ve got to deal with [me] then you deal with everyone else.”

As for the gift cards he received, the customer says he has donated them to a local homeless shelter.

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