Dish Network Overbilled Me By $600

Jason says Dish Network stuck him with an unwarranted $300 bill, then after it credited him back the $300, billed him another $300 for no good reason. He says Dish has corrected the errors now, but he wants to disconnect.

He writes:

Dish network has the worst customer support. I have been a customer of Dish Network for the past 4 years. In November our Dish DVR started giving error messages when we started it in the evening. After a call to tech support we were told that they would ship us a new a new one. Once we received the new one we were supposed to ship the broken one back and if it was broken and had not been tampered with they would not charge us. After waiting a few days our current DVR started working! I called tech support and they told us that that was great, just ship back the new one they shipped us and everything would be taken care of.

Fast forward to January when I notice my Dish auto withdrawal was $300 high. How could this be, well after a long phone call I found that Dish received the DVR back, but didn’t know what to do with it so it just sat and because they didn’t do anything their system automatically billed me the $300 MSRP. So how do I get my money back, should be an electronic transaction right? No, I was told that they would give me a $300 credit on my account. I was frustrated, but after more discussion and a couple of times on hold agreed to be sent a check in the next day.

If it only ended there. In February it happened again (shame on me for not watching the e-bill on this one again), but what was the charge for this time. After a 30 minute or so call I found out that the Dish system did recognize that I returned the DVR but now it was charging me $300 for getting $300 credited to my account. At this point I was done with Dish, after working through the check being sent back I asked for the disconnect line, but of course I was sent to customer loyalty. I was at first annoyed, but was glad that I spoke with them, apparently the rep once again did not set my credit correctly (I’m assured it is fixed this 3rd time). I discussed the disconnect with the customer loyalty rep and asked for either a $15 discount or to disconnect in April. The rep stated that he could not set a disconnect date more than a month out so I have to call in again. I like the service, but cannot stand two mistakes that resulted in $600 of overbilling. What should I do just disconnect and switch or try and escalate further?

Dish exiles, what did you do to get away?

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