Pizza Hut Employees Fired For Writing “KKK” & Drawing Swastika Inside Pizza Box

pizzahutracismIf your racism runs so deep that you feel compelled to spell it out for people on the inside of fast food containers, maybe you shouldn’t be in a job that involves serving food to other human beings. Perhaps the three Arkansas Pizza Hut employees who were fired for this sort of behavior will remember that when they look for their next jobs.

FOX16 in Little Rock reports that some customers of a Pizza Hut in Bryant, AR, opened up their pizza box and saw that “KKK” and a swastika had been scribbled on the inside of the lid in marker. Underneath the pizza, someone had written a racial slur.

In response to incident, Pizza Hut HQ says that the employees involved in the scribbling have been fired for their “inexcusable” actions.

“We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and regularly train our employees to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect,” reads a statement from the company. “As soon as the local franchise owner found out about this he contacted the customer and apologized. We extend that sincere apology to everyone who was offended by this ignorant act. Obviously not a true reflection of the company or the local franchisee who acted very swiftly in responding.”

The customers say they were indeed offered free dinner as a make-good, but one tells FOX16, “I don’t want it. I can’t eat Pizza Hut again. I won’t.”


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