Your Child's PSP Comes With Free Male Anatomy Lesson

A guy in Omaha, NE bought his kid a used PSP from a store called “CD Tradepost.” If you read this website a lot you can probably guess what he didn’t do before giving the device to his kid for Christmas. Yep, he didn’t check it for porn.

Turns out that one of the pictures one could use for wallpaper was of male genitalia.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” [the dad] said. “Maybe it will come off. But when I started getting into it and started to erase it and couldn’t, the more I thought about it, the madder I got.”

The store says they try to remove all the porn from items that are sold to the store, but you know, nobody is perfect. They’ve erased the picture and given the family a free game.

Remember to check electronics for porn before you give them to your kids!

Christmas Gift Leads To X-Rated Surprise [KETV] (Thanks, Robert!)

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