This Verizon Store Provides Weird Repair Services

Some Motorola Droid phones are having problems with the battery cover coming off too easily. That’s what was happening to Chris’ Droid, so he and his girlfriend brought it into a Verizon store in Pleasant Hill, CA. His girlfriend brought along her defective enV Touch for service as well.

When they left, Chris had a sticker stuck to the back of his Droid, and his girlfriend was told to stop wearing makeup because makeup ruins the enV Touch.

That was last week. Chris uploaded a photo of the “repaired” Droid to his Flickr account, and it’s been getting publicity all over the web in recent days.

Then this past weekend, Chris decided to try a different Verizon store, this time in Walnut Creek, to see if he’d have better luck:

The kind lady looked at my girlfriend’s phone, was pretty sure it was a lemon, and ordered up a replacement immediately. Pretty damned nice, I say.

Then she looked at my phone. The look on her face was beyond priceless. She demanded to know who thought it was a good idea to slap a sticker on the back of my phone. I explained it was the Pleasant Hill store’s solution, not mine.

She peeled the stickers right off, went to the back, and got a new, pristine battery door, which clicked right into place, and thankfully, hasn’t come off yet.

And for my troubles, she gave me a free battery.

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