Alleged Walmart Shoplifter Dies After Being Tackled

Walmart’s loss prevention tactics took a morbid turn over the weekend at an Atlanta location, when a suspected shoplifter was tackled by two security personnel and a customer, and then died for mysterious reasons.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

“It was basically a big pile-up,” [a police spokesman] said. “They had him pinned on the ground to keep him from running.”

When police arrived around 1 p.m., two bystanders were administering CPR, but they were unable to save [the suspect]. He was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to Northside Hospital.

The spokesman told the paper that “It doesn’t appear that any undue force was used on the suspect,” and that Walmart recovered the items.

“Alleged Wal-Mart shoplifter dies after scuffle with store cops” [] (Thanks to Dorian and Frank!)

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