This Verizon Store Provides Weird Repair Services

Some Motorola Droid phones are having problems with the battery cover coming off too easily. That’s what was happening to Chris’ Droid, so he and his girlfriend brought it into a Verizon store in Pleasant Hill, CA. His girlfriend brought along her defective enV Touch for service as well.

When they left, Chris had a sticker stuck to the back of his Droid, and his girlfriend was told to stop wearing makeup because makeup ruins the enV Touch.

That was last week. Chris uploaded a photo of the “repaired” Droid to his Flickr account, and it’s been getting publicity all over the web in recent days.

Then this past weekend, Chris decided to try a different Verizon store, this time in Walnut Creek, to see if he’d have better luck:

The kind lady looked at my girlfriend’s phone, was pretty sure it was a lemon, and ordered up a replacement immediately. Pretty damned nice, I say.

Then she looked at my phone. The look on her face was beyond priceless. She demanded to know who thought it was a good idea to slap a sticker on the back of my phone. I explained it was the Pleasant Hill store’s solution, not mine.

She peeled the stickers right off, went to the back, and got a new, pristine battery door, which clicked right into place, and thankfully, hasn’t come off yet.

And for my troubles, she gave me a free battery.

“That Droid Picture” [Exxodium]


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  1. Veridian Dynamics says:

    Some employees will do anything to not have to actually work.

  2. parrotuya says:

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along, now!

  3. Amaras says:

    Took them more work and time to come up with the impromptu fix then to walk into the back room and get another battery cover.

  4. jdmba says:

    The hardware problems with the droid are WELL documented on and People have even taken to posting their week/year code in an attempt to see if certain hardware is better than others.

    I am DESPERATE to leave AT&T now that my 2 year agreement is over, but the droid has so many documented hardware problems (note: I am not mentioning the software problems because those can be fixed) that I cannot make the move.

    Hopefully Verizon will release some 1Ghz Snapdragon phone soon, and I can rejoin their ranks.

    • Jonbo298 says:

      My Droid has had no major issues. Granted, the first one’s mic died out a few days after owning it but a quick 15 minute swap out at the store and I was good to go and this one has been fine. Warranties exist for a reason, use it. What’s to say the Snapdragon based Android/HTC phones won’t have hardware issues either?

    • theysaidwhat says:

      Mine has no problems.

      And several people have posted to teh various Droid forums that Motorola is more than happy to send anyone with a loose battery cover a new, better-fitting cover.

      If any Droid owner is getting no love from Verizon, call/contact Motorola directly for assistance.

    • soj4life says:

      A lose battery cover isn’t that much of a problem than an inconvenience.

      • katstermonster says:

        A loose battery cover on a brand new phone is unacceptable. Doesn’t matter whether it’s an inconvenience or a problem.

  5. CTAUGUST says:

    WOW! I have a Droid and my friends think I am nuts because I hear a “clang” and my battery door keeps falling off and hitting the ground! Off to Verizon I go.

  6. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    “his girlfriend was told to stop wearing makeup because makeup ruins the enV Touch. “

    I have a touchscreen phone and I wear facial sunblock daily … there is a LOT of sunscreen on my phone. I got a plastic clingy cover that goes over the touch screen and wipes clean or can be replaced if necessary (3 for $10) … but I haven’t had to replace it yet, being able to wipe it more aggressively without having to worry about scratches is good enough.

    However, that’s something that tech manufacturers are going to have to deal with as touch screens get more prevalent, that people have a LOT of stuff on their skin — makeup, sunblock, moisturizer, medicine, even just sweat. Since I doubt even neat-o technology will convince Americans to stop wearing makeup. :)

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      I agree. Also, the only currently effective method to fighting face grease on the touch screen will just produce more Bluetooth headset-wearing minions. No thanks!

      • theysaidwhat says:

        LOL! Once I got a Bluetooth, I never went back. I just like having both hands free while I talk.

        • stuckinms says:

          Not to mention it makes you look like an escaped mental patient talking to yourself, which probably gets people to leave you alone in public.

    • cbutler says:

      I agree. Its like making a car with four wheel drive only to be told not to take it off road by the manufacturer. If you are going to make a product, it should be able to deal with typical things. Customers who pay good money for it shouldnt have to work their lives around it.

  7. soj4life says:

    You know, I have been in the position of the employee that recovers from other locations (I work for a bank, not vzw) mistakes too much. This is a total face palm situation.

  8. locakitty says:

    I have corrected so many errors from fellow CSRs for the company I work for it is ridiculous. And who, honestly, is getting hurt by this? The customer. By the time I get them they are so worked up it takes me a few minutes to calm them down while I fix the issue which could have been in less than a minute by the other rep. It boggles the mind, honestly.

    Of course, this is also why my handle time is so long, so many minutes to calm them down, one minute to actually fix the problem and so many minutes of them singing praises and glory hallalejuahs (I totally spelled that wrong).

    Thank goodness for a rep who knows what is going on and what good service actually is.

  9. bkraus says:

    I went to a Verizon store in the same position as a few of the other commenters, a disgruntled iphone user and a girlfriend with a broken Env 3. The CSR was extremely rude, told my girlfriend her phone was not in its warranty, even though the phone was released less than a year ago(??) and that the person who sold it to us lied about its age, even though he also told me that he didn’t know its purchase date.

    All in all, as an X Verizon customer and a pissy AT&T customer, it really makes me wonder where to move to next. I don’t want to go to a company with that poor level of support, and AT&T clearly is crap. Sprint? T-Mobile? Who wants our combined $160 / month? This is ridiculous.

  10. pot_roast says:

    My home town finally makes it on Consumerist. Uh, woot?

  11. Thora says:

    My mom’s phone always has a nice, greasy patina of brownish gunk on it. it’s disgusting. I hate it when people wear troweled-on makeup & never clean their phones off, it’s so revolting. When I was a repair tech for Sprint, I would tell people that makeup can ruin phones too just so they’d quit bringing me these slimy biohazards.

  12. Sean Payne says:

    I’ve had this problem on my Droid. It was an easy fix, once I decided to fix it myself. Simply take the battery cover and bend it slightly along its length, so that it’s slightly cupped. Push in on the Motorola sign and pull up on the sides, so that when you try to put the cover back on, it touches the battery but the sides don’t quite touch the phone. This way, when you push the sides down to slide the battery cover on, there’s a little “spring” action keeping the cover in place. It hasn’t fallen off since I did this.