Bumblebee Tuna Tricks You Into Watching Commercials At The Grocery Store

Must we put video screens everywhere? Reader Grey says that he was fooled into pressing a button above a tiny video screen at his local Safeway — only to be subjected to a very low-res commercial for Bumblebee Tuna.

Grey says:

This absurd Bumblebee Tuna display was jutting into the isle at my local Safeway. It had a black screen, single silver button, and a card stock sign demanding I “push the button.” Out of nothing more than utter disbelief and morbid curiosity I bow to the will of the sign.

“Will it start talking to me, the grocery store shopper?” I wonder. “Perhaps it will suggest some Tuna-themed dish for me to prepare for dinner tonight?” No. Instead I see the lowest resolution version of some 30 second, made for TV ad I’d ever seen.

When it stops it goes black, waiting for the next passerby to cave to the demands of the card stock sign. No coupons. No cooking ideas. No direct engagement with the shopper. Just the same, unimaginative advertising penetrating deeper into our everyday experiences – as if the market isn’t saturated enough. I don’t know how this could possibly be effective, but apparently they think it will be.

At least the damn thing isn’t auto-play. I hope someone figures out a way to hack these things and deliver and useful, informative, or somewhat interesting message on one of these.

Maybe you should go back see what it looks like when you put the sunglasses on.

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