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H-E-B Adds Hill Country Fare Tuna To Growing Recall List

Just days after Bumble Bee Tuna and Chicken of the Sea recalled hundreds of thousands of cans of tuna that may have been contaminated with unwelcome pathogens, Texas grocery store H-E-B announced its own recall of 10,752 cans of tuna for similar reasons.  [More]

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Spoiled Tuna Recall Expands To Include 107,000 Cans Of Chicken Of The Sea

Only hours after Bumble Bee announced a recall of more than 31,000 cases of canned tuna that may be spoiled, we’ve learned that 107,000 cans of Chicken of the Sea are being recalled for the same reason.  [More]

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UPDATE: Bumble Bee, Chicken Of The Sea Tuna Recalled Because Cans Shouldn’t Be Spoiled Before You Buy Them

UPDATE: Hours after Bumble Bee announced the recall of thousands of cases of canned tuna, another popular brand of canned tuna has been recalled for the same reason. [More]