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Belinda Hankins Miller

Going To The Store To Buy Dog Food? You’ll Probably Pick Up Milk, Tuna, And Chocolate

While just about anything you’d buy at the supermarket can now be delivered to your house in a reasonable amount of time, there are still some purchases that you must — or at least tend to — make in person: Prescriptions, fresh produce, pet food, among others. Of course, even though you only meant to pick up one or two things, odds are you’re going to add a few items you either remember to buy or are tempted into purchasing once you’re in the store. [More]

Host Of ’90s Oddity “Supermarket Sweep” Reveals Game Show’s Secrets

Host Of ’90s Oddity “Supermarket Sweep” Reveals Game Show’s Secrets

Confession: I was once a little bit obsessed with Supermarket Sweep, the game show that involved little more than running around a store picking up the priciest groceries. When I was a youngster, shopping with my family, I’d practice the route I’d take when I eventually got my chance at the Sweep, imagining my cart first overflowing with hams and turkeys. Little did I know that not everything I’d seen on the show was as it appeared.

RetailMeNot's worker spree.

Workers Who Win All-You-Can-Grab Shopping Sprees Are Living Your Childhood Dream

When I was but a wee consumer gleaning knowledge from the glowing screen before me, I was pretty sure my future needed to include only one thing to attain lifelong happiness: I needed to run through the aisles of a toy store for in a timed race and grab every single thing I could. And now some employers are rewarding their workers with just that kind of spree. [More]