Don’t Forget: Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Deadline Is Friday, November 20

Image courtesy of TheGiantVermin

While there’s a new tuna class action on the dock filed against the grocery chain Safeway, don’t forget that the class action against tuna giant Starkist was also settled earlier this year, with millions of dollars and millions of vouchers for free tuna set aside as a settlement.

UPDATE: Hey, Where’s My Check Or Coupons From That Starkist Tuna Lawsuit?

If you’ve never filed a claim for a class action like this before, here’s how it works. Since you (probably) don’t have your last five years’ worth of grocery receipts sitting around, the settlement administrators ask you to swear, on penalty of perjury, that you have in fact purchased one of the relevant types of Starkist tuna during the covered period (between February 19, 2009 and October 31, 2014.)

While the default award is a check for $25 cash or $50 worth of tuna vouchers, there’s a catch: $4 million in vouchers and $8 million in cash was set aside for consumer settlements. If more people than anticipated file claims, the total amount that each person receives will be lower. If more than 80,000 people filed for vouchers, for example, everyone would receive less than $50.

We don’t know what the final settlement will be, since the deadline is Friday. If you missed out and you’ve bought Starkist tuna, visit the very memorable URL and either file a claim or exclude yourself if what you want is to file your own lawsuit against Starkist.

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