Spoiled Tuna Recall Expands To Include 107,000 Cans Of Chicken Of The Sea

Image courtesy of (PRODavid Valenzuela)

Only hours after Bumble Bee announced a recall of more than 31,000 cases of canned tuna that may be spoiled, we’ve learned that 107,000 cans of Chicken of the Sea are being recalled for the same reason. 

Tri-Union Seafoods, the company behind the tuna brand, has voluntarily recalled 2,745 cases — equal to about 107,280 cans — of Chicken of the Sea brand canned chunk light tuna in oil and canned chunk light tuna in water after discovering an issue with the sterilization process for the products.

A rep for the company confirmed to Consumerist that the recalled Chicken of the Sea cans were packaged at the same facility in Lyons, GA, responsible for the recalled Bumble Bee tuna.

According to a notice filed with the Food and Drug Administration, Tri-Union says the tuna may have been undercooked due to an equipment malfunction.

These deviations in the commercial sterilization process may have resulted in contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens.

The company says a routine, internal inspection of the plant uncovered the issue. It was unclear how often such inspections take place or if other brands of tuna are made at the plant.

If consumed, the Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee products, which were sold nationwide at major retailers, could lead to life-threatening illnesses.

So far, both companies has received no reports of illness related to the consumption of the products.

“The health and safety of our consumers is our number one priority, Shue Wing Chan, president of Tri-Union Seafoods, said in a statement. “As soon as we discovered the issue, we took immediate steps to initiate this voluntary recall, alerting our retail customers that received the product and instructing them to remove it from store shelves.”

Affected Chicken of the Sea products can be identified by the UPC code (the barcode), the “best by” date, and lot code.

The recalled Chicken of the Sea five-ounce canned Chuck Light Tuna in Oil has a UPC code of 0 4800000195 5:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.55.02 PM

The recalled Chicken of the Sea five-ounce canned Chunk Light Tuna in Water has a UPC code of 0 4800000245 7:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.54.52 PM

Consumers can return the product to the store where it was purchased for a full refund.

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