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Bad News: Your Tuna Lawsuit Check Won’t Be Coming For Months Or Years

Back in 2015, we shared the news that people who had recently purchased cans of Starkist tuna could file claims in a class action lawsuit against the company that alleged the company deliberately under-filled tuna cans. Those consumers still don’t have their payments, which were to be either checks or vouchers for free tuna. [More]

Matt DeTurck

Hey, Where’s My Check Or Coupons From That Starkist Tuna Lawsuit?

With canned tuna in the news due to a recent recall of Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea tuna, a few readers remembered the can under-filling class action that they filed claims in last year. One reader pointed out that it’s been a few months: shouldn’t the checks and free tuna vouchers be coming soon? Well… no. Not yet. [More]


Don’t Forget: Starkist Tuna Lawsuit Deadline Is Friday, November 20

While there’s a new tuna class action on the dock filed against the grocery chain Safeway, don’t forget that the class action against tuna giant Starkist was also settled earlier this year, with millions of dollars and millions of vouchers for free tuna set aside as a settlement. [More]


Starkist Class Action Settlement Means Customers Get $25 In Cash Or $50 In Tuna

Two and a half years ago, a man who eats tuna filed a class action lawsuit against Starkist, a tuna company. His allegation was that the company was deliberately under-filling each can by a few tenths of an ounce. That might not make a difference to one consumer making one tuna salad, but would add up over millions of cans. While Starkist doesn’t admit fault, the case has been settled. [More]