Coming Soon: Family Guy Windows 7 Infomercial (Sort Of)

Is it s sponsored special? A glorified infomercial? We’re not sure, but on November 8, the Griffins of “Family Guy” will be hosting their own Windows 7 launch party of sorts, in the form of a half-hour special sponsored by Microsoft.

Shameless whoring or the greatest product placement ever? We’ll have to wait until November to see.

There will be no commercial ad time, no network promotions, and no commercial breaks-just a 30-minute Windows 7 trailer that somehow attempts to blend the operating system with show content in the style of the old Texaco Star Theater. MacFarlane and Borstein have teamed with Windows advertising agencies Universal McCann and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky to develop, write, and produce the half-hour special that will highlight the comedy duo’s humor with original animation, live-action performances of Family Guy’s most memorable musical numbers, comedy sketches, and surprise celebrity guests.

Sneak peek: Family Guy meets Windows 7 [Ars Technica]

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