Microsoft Wants You To Host Your Own Windows 7 Launch Party, Really

Everyone likes hosting launch parties, right?! What? No one likes them? They’re not real parties—just promotional events dreamed up to move units? But Microsoft told me that it’s okay to host my own launch party! It’ll be cool! Just look at these two married couples hanging out and gabbing like a box of birds about how much they love Windows 7.

Windows 7 is indeed launching soon, so we figured you’d want to see this now so you have time to stop by the Party Plus store and stock up on crepe paper—don’t worry, you don’t have to hang it up, just leave it on the corner of the table—and of course balloons.

Never install a new operating system without balloons.

We suspect that this promo was actually written, directed, and edited by a Songsmith-style software being developed in Microsoft’s research division.

“Mainstream Press ‘Cringes’ At Win7 Launch Parties” [Slashdot]