Get Your Own Ill-Gotten Gains At

Homer Simpson: Wow, sweetheart, look at all this seized booty. We could find the drug boat of our dreams!
Marge Simpson: I don’t want a drug boat.
Homer Simpson: Well, I bet there’s drug dresses and drug vacuum cleaners too.

Haven’t you always wanted to shop seized property from police departments across the country from the comfort of your own home? Yeah, me either. But after reading what Jamie Schaefer-Wilson of our sister publication ShopSmart had to say about, now I’m downright curious.

Schafer-Wilson gives some tips that apply to nearly all auction sites, and also discovered some fantastic deals in the field of….art!

I decided to test it out. I bid on several items. I lost some, won some, learned a lot of tricks, and even picked up a piece of artwork along the way. I bought a signed giclee priint for $33 only to find out, after speaking with the artist himself, that it would retail for $1,450! It’s beautiful, and I have bought a matching piece for $46!

And hey, little did we know that Homer Simpson was right. Sexist, but right. There are vacuum cleaners and dresses available. And, of course, boats.

Online police auction sites: Real deal [ShopSmart]

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