18 Fascinating Items From RadioShack’s Corporate Memorabilia Auction

18 Fascinating Items From RadioShack’s Corporate Memorabilia Auction

As part of closing down, RadioShack is emptying out the company museum at its headquarters, and its corporate archives and vault of memorabilia. That means that the company is selling some valuable and cool items, and some boxes of random crap that seemingly have no value to anyone. Here’s a tour of the best items in the auction, with some cool stuff and some crap. [More]

Is Your Old IKEA Furniture Worth A Lot Of Money? Maybe, But Not Likely

Is Your Old IKEA Furniture Worth A Lot Of Money? Maybe, But Not Likely

The notion of “vintage IKEA” might sound a bit silly, given how temporary much of the company’s furniture feels. Then you realize that the retailer has been around for nearly 75 years, and yes, there are some IKEA pieces that are indeed worth thousands of dollars to collectors, but probably not the coffee table you’re currently resting your beer on. [More]


Big Apple Circus Assets Going Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction

If you’re the kind of person who’s always dreamed of putting on your very own performance under the Big Top, your fantasy could become real: after filing for bankruptcy last year, Big Apple Circus is putting its assets on the auction block. [More]

Want To Spruce Up Your Rec Room With A Delta Flight Simulator? Now’s Your Chance!

Want To Spruce Up Your Rec Room With A Delta Flight Simulator? Now’s Your Chance!

Next week, some folks will be standing in line for the new PlayStation VR headset, hoping to immerse themselves in a simulation of some fantastical video game universe. Those people will feel stupid when they check out your new rec room, complete with a former Delta flight simulator. [More]


Bankruptcy Judge Approves Sale Of Aeropostale That Could Keep 229 Stores Open

It looks like the bid Aeropostale received at the end of August that could end up saving at least 229 stores and 7,000 or so jobs is one step closer to the real thing for the struggling teen retailer, after a bankruptcy judge gave the offer his approval. [More]

Normandy Tank Museum

If You’re In The Market For A WWII-Era Tank, This French Museum Has The Auction For You

After failing to attract enough visitors to keep it afloat, the Normandy Tank Museum has decided to sell of its entire collection of tanks, military vehicles, trucks, aircraft, and motorcycles in an auction next month. [More]


Aeropostale Wants To Reorganize, Main Lender Thinks That’s Adorable

In recent months, we’ve shared with you the bankruptcy saga of Sports Authority, a sporting goods chain that was deep in debt, filed for bankruptcy protection, and planned to re-emerge as a smaller and reorganized retailer, but couldn’t make it work, ultimately selling its remaining stores to liquidators. Teen clothing retailer Aeropostale seems to be headed down a similar path, with its biggest lender pressuring the chain to get ready to auction its stores instead of reorganizing. [More]

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Ovation Brands Is Already Selling The Contents Of Buffets Closed On Sunday

On Monday, we shared the news that the parent company of Old Country Buffet, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain, Ryan’s Steakhouse, and other centers of face-stuffing abruptly shut down restaurants on Sunday. Today, an auction company announced a nationwide restaurant equipment sale in multiple states. Yes, some of the very same ones closed for inventory on Sunday. The “inventory” thing wasn’t a ruse: on Wednesday, they’ll be selling everything that isn’t nailed down. [More]


Blueprints For St. Louis Disney Theme Park That Never Opened Its Doors Up For Sale

When it’s time to head to a Disney park, images of the warm, sunny environs of California or Florida probably come to mind. But if things had gone another way, we might have also thought of a decidedly Midwestern vibe: Walt Disney Co. had plans at one time for an indoor theme park in St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch, with nary a palm tree in sight. [More]

Bidding Opens Tomorrow For A Chance To Stay In The Cleveland House From ‘A Christmas Story’

Bidding Opens Tomorrow For A Chance To Stay In The Cleveland House From ‘A Christmas Story’

If you’ve always dreamed of walking in the pink-bunny-suit clad footsteps of Ralphie from A Christmas Story, now is your chance — well, rather, tomorrow is that’s when bidding opens for the opportunity to stay for a weekend at the Cleveland home featured in the 1983 movie. [More]

Ringo Starr Auctioning Off Copy No. 0000001 Of Beatles’ White Album

Ringo Starr Auctioning Off Copy No. 0000001 Of Beatles’ White Album

Are you a Beatles fan with somewhere between $40,000 to $60,000 to spend on yourself this holiday season? You are! What a coincidence, because Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has a record he’d like to sell you. [More]

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New Homeowner Apparently Doesn’t Mind If Auctioned Property Comes With Free Booby Traps

We can think of many reasons not to buy a home — cracks in the foundation, snake infestations, a satanic murder pit in the basement, what have you — but apparently the possibility that a house might be booby-trapped wasn’t a deal-breaker for one new property owner in New Hampshire. [More]

You Can Buy The Right To Name A New Moth Species

You Can Buy The Right To Name A New Moth Species

Calling all lepidopterists: if you’re obsessed with moths, now is your chance to name a newly discovered species whatever you want (might I suggest The MBQ?) — all you need is enough money to outbid the other moth fans out there. [More]

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RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction Continues: Unsecured Creditors May Not Get Much

Today is day 2 of the RadioShack bankruptcy auction. While selling the assets of a company that was once worth billions of dollars that still has thousands of stores isn’t a simple endeavor, the proceedings are going even slower than anticipated because other creditors object to the current high bid from Standard General. [More]


Woman Wants To Back Out Of Buying House Saddled With $400K Debt, Blaming Winning Bid On Diet Pills

Feeling like maybe you shouldn’t have splurged on that shirt when you’ve already got a bunch like it already in your closet is one thing, but deciding you’d rather not own a home you purchased is an entirely other category of buyer’s remorse. A Florida woman is blaming her winning bid on a home that comes with a $400,000 debt on it on diet pills, saying they caused her to become confused. [More]

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$40 Desk Bought At Auction Comes With $127K In Matured Bonds

Every now and again, we come across those magical stories of hidden treasures popping up in the cheapest, most unexpected places, and it’s enough to send a dreamer running to the nearest garage sale, attic or estate sale. The tale of a $40 desk purchased at an auction that contained a valuable cache of matured bonds is no exception. [More]


Live Auctions On eBay Will Begin This Week

Ready to raise a virtual paddle at a high-end auction from your computer or smartphone? Earlier this year, eBay announced that it will revive live auctions and team up with fancy real-life auction house Sotheby’s to bring high-end auctions to new audiences. If it works, that could give eBay new income to help the company through its breakup with PayPal. [More]

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Ebay & Sotheby’s Announce New Online Marketplace For Art, Antiques & Collectibles

Need a new conversation piece for your parlor? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to own a set of medieval and renaissance manuscripts but didn’t know how to get your hands on a set just like the one you saw on Antiques Roadshow. A new joint effort from eBay and high-end auction house Sotheby’s will bring those antiques, collectibles and art to an online marketplace for shoppers. [More]