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Authorities Searching For Flight Attendant Accused Of Leaving Bag Full Of Cocaine At LAX

Although airline personnel and airport employees may not have to take off their shoes or undergo the same security procedures as travelers, there are still checks in place to keep workers from carrying whatever they want onto planes — like, say, a bag full of cocaine. [More]


Police Return Woman’s Stolen Car With Drugs, Weapons Still Inside It

When your car is stolen, you can’t always expect to get it back. And if you are lucky enough to be reunited, you might then expect that a few things could be missing — nice electronics, your collection of road trip CDs featuring cool jams from the ’90s, etc. But in the case of a Calgary woman whose stolen car was returned to her recently by police, she was definitely surprised to find her missing vehicle had a few things it didn’t have when it went missing, including drugs, weapons and other illicit items. [More]

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Customer Facebook-Shamed By Restaurant Says He’s Totally Going To Pay That $100 Tab

While we’re generally opposed to businesses calling out patrons for bad behavior or otherwise setting the social media hounds on those accused of exhibiting less than sterling consumer manners, one Reno eatery’s Facebook admonition has the diner in question owning up to his “mistake” and promising to settle a $100 tab he reportedly left unpaid. [More]