Grocery Shrink Ray Affects Innocent Eyeballs and Adorable Babies

Reader Dan noticed something different when buying a new can of formula for his daughter (at left.) Her delicious colic-preventing formula had been hit by the dread grocery shrink ray. Waaah!

I was picking up baby formula the other night and noticed that the kind we’d been buying was touting a “new formulation.” At around $25 a container, it’s one of the more expensive formulas (it’s hard to justify skimping when you know the formula helps your daughter’s colic.) Once I got the new formula home I compared it with the “old formula.” You can see that the new one has far less weight per canister, but more importantly only makes 75% of the fluid ounces that the old one did…. and still right at $25. I feel a little ripped off, and wanted anyone else using the stuff to be aware of the “improvement”.

Meanwhile, the Shrink Ray hit the contents of Josh’s Opti-Free contact lens solution, but not the bottle. He writes:

I just bought some Opti-Free contact lens solution this morning, and thought it felt a little light. After holding the sealed bottle up to the light, I noticed that the level was around an inch from the top.

Having my old bottle close at hand, I notice that the bottles were the same size, yet the new bottles only have 10 oz – 2 oz. and more than 15% less than the older 12 oz bottles.

It goes without saying, of course, that the prices on all of these items remained unchanged.

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