Ivory Shrinks Body Wash Bottle, Switches Out Fragrance

Elizabeth has been a loyal user of Ivory’s Clean & Simple body wash for a long time, and she got an unpleasant surprise the last time she picked one up at the store. The package had been redesigned: no big problem there. She noticed, though, that the redesign washed away 3 ounces out of the 24-ounce bottle. Oh, no, it was the Grocery Shrink Ray!

She made an even worse discovery when using the new bottle in the shower for the first time: it didn’t smell right. “Changing the formula and scent with no warning on the packaging?” she writes. “That’s bull! I have a fragrance allergy and could tolerate the last one, as it was very lightly scented. This one is straight up old lady perfume now.” Not just perfume, old lady perfume!

Here are side-by-side comparisons of the old and new bottles.



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