Pepsi Yankees Promotion Leads To Fans Chanting "Pepsi Sucks!"

It’s probably never a good idea to offer Yankees fans free tickets for showing up and forming a crowd, because then you’ve got a crowd of Yankees fans with nothing to do, and that’s not going to end well. In this case, after the fans found out that Pepsi over-promised the number of free tickets it was giving out, they turned hostile.

If you can manage to get through the terrible user-interaction-required ad at the start of the embedded video, you can watch footage of petulant Yankees fans pouring Pepsi on the sidewalk while chanting, “Pepsi sucks! Pepsi sucks!” One woman gets really indignant for the camera, asking, “How do you do this big show, use us in the media circus as ponies, and then not give us what you promised us?” We think maybe she’s using Pepsi as a pony in her own circus (watch the clip and you’ll see), but she still has a point.

Pepsi is trying a different route now and giving away tickets over the air through a partnership with a local radio station.

“Pepsi Promotion Ends With Chants of ‘Pepsi Sucks'” (Thanks to Nick!)

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