Rich Renomeron

How To Avoid Falling For Ticket Scams

It’s that time of the year again: Both the NBA and NHL finals are near, and all your favorite bands are on tour — which means tickets might be scarce. Scammers know you might be desperate for a good deal, however, so be prepared to do battle. [More]

Rich Renomeron

Ticket Brokers Must Pay $4.2M For Using Bots To Illegally Snatch Up Tickets

Have you wondered how ticket brokers are able to scoop up so many tickets so quickly while you hit “refresh” on your browser and resign yourself to sitting in the back row? They’re using automated “bots,” which are illegal in New York state. That’s why a handful of brokers have agreed to fork over millions of dollars to the state after being caught deploying ticket-buying bots and selling tickets without a license. [More]

JD Hancock

Ticketmaster Hopes New ‘Verified Fan’ Program Will Weed Out Ticket Bots

While there is now a federal law on the books banning ticket-buying bots in an attempt to give real, live humans a better chance at scoring admission to popular events, these automated scalpers are squirrelly little suckers. In an effort combat this problem, Ticketmaster is launching a new program that will use ticket buyers’ profiles to help verify they’re actually humans. [More]


Disney Raising Park Ticket Prices During Peak Times, Adding Expiration Dates

A little less than a year after Walt Disney Co. implemented its new surge pricing system at its U.S. parks, the company has raised one-day ticket prices during the busiest days of the year. All tickets will now come with expiration dates as well. [More]


Feds Say Ponzi Scheme Promised Big Profits From Reselling ‘Hamilton’ & Adele Tickets

A business that promises huge returns on resold tickets to hot Broadway shows like Hamilton or concerts featuring big-ticket names like Adele might seem like a worthwhile investment, but federal prosecutors say victims lost millions as part of an alleged Ponzi scheme involving secondary market tickets to popular events. [More]


American Airlines’ New ‘Basic Economy’ Fare Means You Board Last & No Bag In Overhead Bin

There seems to be a new fare class emerging in air travel lately, essentially dividing the coach cabin between those who can use the overhead bin space, and those who cannot: after United Airlines introduced a cheaper ticket option called a “Basic Economy” fare in November, American Airlines is following suit with — whaddya know? — a “Basic Economy” fare. [More]

StubHub Sent Me The Wrong Tickets, Wouldn’t Replace Them

StubHub Sent Me The Wrong Tickets, Wouldn’t Replace Them

The Dallas Cowboys are in the National Football League playoffs, and that has a lot of fans excited, including Mark, who planned to attend the game next week with a friend. Except, when he received the tickets purchased off of StubHub, they weren’t for the game in Jan. 2017, they were for the game in Jan. 2016.  [More]

Photos in the Sunset

New Bot-Blocking Legislation Could Make It Easier To Score Tickets To Popular Events

About a week after New York barred scalpers from using bots to scoop up tickets to sporting events, concerts, and other popular attractions, the U.S. Congress has sent its own anti-bot legislation to President Obama to sign. [More]

Joe M. O'Connell

New York Bars Scalpers From Using Bots To Snap Up Tickets Before Everyone Else

Perhaps you’ve been here before: you’re waiting patiently, albeit a bit anxiously, for the moment when you can buy tickets to a concert or sporting event online. But despite your best efforts and quick action, you find that someone has swooped in and snapped up all the tickets, leaving you to the mercies of online resellers that may jack up the cost of tickets. [More]

Football Fans Have Direct Access To Super Bowl Tickets For The First Time; Prices Start At $5,500

Football Fans Have Direct Access To Super Bowl Tickets For The First Time; Prices Start At $5,500

We’re still months away from finding out which two teams will battle it out for the national championship in January, but dedicated football fans can already purchase tickets to the Super Bowl — straight from the National Football League for the first time. [More]

How Scalpers Make More Money Off Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ Than The Show’s Producers

How Scalpers Make More Money Off Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ Than The Show’s Producers

There’s good news for impatient theater fans who want to see the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.” After ticket prices peaked between this year’s Tony awards on June 12 and the departure of some original cast members a month later, they’ve now plummeted… to only about six to ten times their original face value. [More]


World Cup Ticket Prices Will Top $1,000 For The First Time

If you’re planning on attending the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, you better start saving, as ticket prices will cross the $1,000 mark for the first time. [More]


Yankees Reach Deal To Allow Ticket Resales With StubHub

If you were planning to resell tickets to a New York Yankees game in the future you’ll need to visit StubHub instead of Ticketmaster, as the Major League Baseball team reached a deal this weekend to transfer its resale business, Yankees Ticket Exchange, to StubHub. [More]


NYC Police Arrest 21 Vendors Accused Of Shilling Fake Statue Of Liberty Tickets

If you’re planning a trip to New York City, it’s important to know which vendors you can trust to give you a fair deal on the Big Apple’s many attractions. And because not just anyone is allowed to sell access to the city’s tourist gems, the New York Police Department has arrested 21 vendors accused of pushing fake tickets to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. [More]


Timberwolves Fans Suing Over Team’s New Paperless Ticketing System

Sometimes, even the biggest sports fans can’t make it to their team’s game, for whatever reason (rain, snow, sleet, in-laws visiting unannounced) and in those cases, they might want to sell their ticket to someone else. That process has been “fundamentally, unlawfully” altered for fans of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, a new class-action lawsuit alleges, after the team instituted a new paperless ticketing system. [More]

Phoenix Suns Trying To Lure Fans By Offering Free Verizon Data With Each Game Ticket

Phoenix Suns Trying To Lure Fans By Offering Free Verizon Data With Each Game Ticket

When you’ve got seats to fill at a professional sports game and the team isn’t doing so hot, any bit of extra incentive to get fans to buy tickets can help. In an effort to lure tech-focused fans, the Phoenix Suns have partnered with Verizon Wireless to offer free mobile data with every game ticket purchase. [More]


How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of A Super Bowl Ticketing Scam

Whenever there’s a widely publicized event bringing in people from all over like the Super Bowl, you better believe there will be scammers lurking in the shadows, waiting to prey on those unfortunate souls who desperately want to score a ticket to join the fun. This year’s big game is no different, but there are some things football fans can do to avoid becoming a victim to a scam. [More]

Thousands Of D.C. Residents Won’t Have To Pay Parking Tickets Issued During Winter Storm

Thousands Of D.C. Residents Won’t Have To Pay Parking Tickets Issued During Winter Storm

There’s perhaps nothing better than hearing you won’t have to pay a parking ticket. Thousands of Washington, D.C. residents will be filled with that happy feeling after the mayor said she’ll void more than half the citations issued last Friday during the winter storm that pummeled the East Coast with snow. [More]