Predictably, Crystal Pepsi Winners Are Already Selling Their Prizes On eBay

crystalpepsiThere are a lot of people out there who want to try or rediscover Crystal Pepsi for some reason. Pepsi, however, knows how to keep our interest and drive fans crazy, which is why so far they’ve only made the clear cola available to 13,000 lucky winners through a sweepstakes. Naturally, those winners are selling it off on eBay.

Single bottles of the uncolored high fructose corn syrup water are selling for $20 or so, for the person who simply must say that they have tried crystal Pepsi, or maybe who wants to show off the bottle for bragging rights. Whatever your motivation, sweepstakes winners have you covered. Some are even selling their whole six-pack.

Is Pepsi gearing up to sell the soft drink for real, or not? They have an entire page of crystal Pepsi apparel and glassware, which is nice and all, but its existence is confusing. Do they plan to sell Pepsi Perfect eventually? Is PepsiCo promoting their brand, but a product that they don’t intend to sell? If that sounds wacky, note that they also sell Pepsi Perfect merch, and that was never a commercially available product, except for the brief promotion earlier this year with only a few thousand bottles.


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