Woman Who Missed Obama's Inauguration Starts $10,000 AmEx Chargeback

See, here’s why you pay for big ticket items with a credit card. A Chicagoan who gave $10,000 to the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) back in January to secure a spot at Barack Obama’s swearing in, never got to see the event because of the security and crowd-control clusterfrak. Unfortunately, the PIC has ceased to exist, and has basically taken a “sorry about that, but thanks for your money” attitude, so she initiated a chargeback. The Washington Post reports:

American Express has given her an “interim” refund in full, pending a review that will involve the credit card company presenting to PIC officials all of Blessman’s documentation on the services she feels she was denied.

“One Spurned Purple Ticket Holder Claims Victory” [Washington Post] (Thanks to Megan!) (Photo: Patricia Jones Blessman)

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