Woot.com is in the middle of a Woot Off. [Woot] (Thanks to Geoff and GitEmSteveDave)


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  1. Papa Midnight says:

    Come on Sansa…

  2. DoubleEcho says:

    I’m snagging that surround sound system. I needed a new DVD player anyways after I bought the new TV (using the old one for the old TV upstairs) – not a bad deal!

  3. KingBananaHammock_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I missed my Homer USB hub and green laser pointer. But I have my Woot Tracker w/BOC auto buy open and made sure lastpass is autofilling all the fields I need it to. ::Crosses Woot!-off light cords::

  4. wardawg says:

    I actually would have loved the shirt WOOT they had this morning, but unfortunately I slept in, plus they don’t ship outside of the US.