Target: For Want Of A Shoe, A Customer Service War Was Lost

Target sold Shawn a defective shoe, and then gave him defective customer service when he tried to get exchange it for a functional shoe. Here is his amusing story, which he was kind enough to submit already written in the third person.

Shawn H., of Charlotte, NC purchases a pair of shoes from his local Target store. Having worn the shoes for only two days, the stitching in the RIGHT shoe becomes defective and begins to unravel. Mr. Harris does what any self sufficient individual would do and pulls the leather parts together with a tie from a loaf of bread to hold the shoe together until he can return the defective shoe(s).

Upon arriving at the original store where the purchase was made, Mr. Harris wearing the funny looking shoe(s), finds out that the store did not a replacement pair of shoes in his size. He inquires as to what other Target stores in the area might have his size in stock. A pair is located by looking at the inventories of the local stores and off he goes approximately 15 miles to exchange the shoe(s).

Upon arrival at the second Target store, Mr. Harris can only locate one of the shoes (the other shoe apparently has been stolen) that would make up the pair. Surprisingly enough, it is the RIGHT shoe…..the same shoe that is needed to be replaced. Mr. Harris asks a store associate about getting approval to simply exchange shoe for shoe and he will continue on with his daily routines. This apparently is “not permitted” because Target would not get credit for the defective shoe(s) unless they received a complete pair in return. Mr. Harris asks to see the store manager to pursue the matter further. The manager repeats the story about Target not getting its credit, regardless of the customer’s happiness. Mr. Harris then is asked to wait while the matter is elevated to the corporate level. Shockingly, the same story is repeated…..Target will not get its credit if a complete pair of shoes is not returned in exchange for the one and only shoe that is needed. (How does Target expect to sell one shoe is now quickly becoming the question.)

The store manager, admittedly joking, remarks that everyone else probably would of walked back to the shoe department, slipped of the defective shoe, (the one being held together with a tie from a loaf of bread) and put on a new replacement and walked out the store. Mr. Harris, disagreeing with that solution, is then told he is welcomed to drive to any of the other Target stores in the local area to seek a replacement pair of shoes. For his trouble, Mr. Harris is given a $3.00 gift certificate, just about what it cost him in gas to drive the store in the first place.

So the question is………What would you do, if you were in his ……ahem…shoe(s)?

Cool, Target, you’ll get your shoe credit and lose a customer, who may have, perhaps, purchased multiple shoes throughout his life at your store.

(Photo: Scurzuzu)

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