This Bank Of America Sign Is Woefully Honest

Or as Holly, the tipster who took the photo, writes, “[there are] so many things right with this picture.”


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  1. Darrone says:

    You take your life into your hands every time you use BAC?

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @Darrone: Knowing Bank of America, it’s more like I take my ankles into my hands.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Classes in Northern Virginia. The community college will glady take your money for classes but when it comes to finishing the curriculum, they leave you high and dry with no clinical site. Knowing full well that a clinical site is needed to complete the course. They say they have contracts with local hospitals but dont see it enforced. This is FRAUD!!!! Why should students pay for classes and then not be able to finish because the school cannot guarantee a Clinical site to finish.

  3. redkamel says:

    I dont get it the joke. Be careful, theres an ATM? theres a BofA ATM, so be careful, since its open during construction?

    It just says theres a BofA ATM, Caution, Open during construction. How else can you interpret that?

  4. ds143 says:

    yeah, im not too sure i understand it 100% either.

  5. limbikity says:

    yea i don’t get it.

  6. supercereal says:

    ATM open during construction? Ugh, I hate convenience.

  7. MissPiss says:

    Bank of America is great. I had a friend who nearly passed out in a store one time from her sugar being too low. She purchased a Coke to help her out with this problem, and it turned out the Coke was $36 and some change because she overdrafted by a few cents.

  8. Nate128 says:

    @limbikity: Ditto.

  9. Ghede says:

    Atm: Automated Teller Machine OR At The Moment.

    So, Bank of America, at the moment, CAUTION!

    At least, I think that’s the joke.

  10. harlock_JDS says:

    I guess ATM’s are dangerous or something? Is this a fee’s joke? Big bank joke? Bank ATM security joke?

  11. ds says:

    ATM also stands for At The Moment…? I think.

  12. kimsama says:

    It’s funny because it’s like it’s warning you to use caution because the ATM is open for business.

  13. kimsama says:

    P.S. does anyone else call that shit a MAC machine? I guess it’s a regionalism, but whatever, I’ll call it that until the day I die.

  14. Syd says:

    oh, the douche chills i get when someone tries to be clever and fails miserably.

    /left BoA after hearing the Consumerist story about the customer who was detained for, was it, depositing checks?

  15. econobiker says:

    kimsama 8:40 AM P.S. does anyone else call that shit a MAC machine? I guess it’s a regionalism, but whatever, I’ll call it that until the day I die.

    Northeastern USA right? I still have my funky little MAC machine Tyvek card cover/sleeve in a drawer somewhere… I had to get out of the MAC machine name habit when living in AL for college while using First Alabama Bank’s (now eaten up since then and under the Regions name) ATMs.