Missing iPhone Mystery Solved By Consumerist Readers In 55 Minutes

Wow, that was impressive! In less than one hour after we posted about Dino’s dad’s lost iPhone, Consumerist readers were able to locate his Facebook and Hi5 accounts, track down his name and home address, and even get him to respond via email—something Dino and his dad weren’t able to do yesterday. Dino just wrote us and said “Michael Smith/Emerson” contacted him and promised to return the phone tomorrow.
Update: the phone has been returned!

OMG you guys are the best. Guess what? The guy called and will give my dad his phone back tomorrow. He saw this blog and asked to take down the pictures. Thank you very much for your help. The power of the internet is amazing. I will take down his pics on Flickr. I am glad this guy is doing the right thing and returning lost property. Thank you very much Consumerist! You have made my dad’s day.

Dino adds, “He said he found it in a parking lot, which is probably what happened… possibly fell off a belt holster my dad uses.” But here’s something that’s more interesting, especially in light of the kid’s “I was going to return it” defense:

My dad also had a sticker on the back of the phone with his home phone number on it. But looks like the kid removed it before he took the self pics (something that someone who was going to return a phone from the get go wouldn’t have done).

Anyway thanks again for your help, i was telling my dad he’s famous now. But i’ll let you know once my dad get the phone back tomorrow.

(Photo: aka Kath)

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