How To Do Valentine's Day On The Cheap

Next Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and with the economy in the tanker many people are looking for celebrating the day of love without spending a fortune. Fortunately Trent at The Simple Dollar has several good suggestions for celebrating cupid’s day on the cheap. Here are some of our favorites:

* Take time off. If you both have some vacation time built up, put in for a day off and spend it together.
* Make an elegant homecooked meal instead of hitting the town.
* Give a thoughtful gift. It’s easy to just buy jewelry or chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but it means more (and is less expensive) if you find a gift that truly has the recipient in mind.
* Write a note expressing how you feel to go with that gift. A little sentimental note means a lot more than some extravagance.
* Make a mix tape. Simply make a compilation CD of all of the songs that either mean something with regards to your relationship or express in some way the way you feel about your partner.
* Volunteer. If you’re both socially conscious (and also adding in the fact that Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year), why not spend the day involved with a volunteer project together instead of doing the typical date thing?

One central theme among all these ideas: it’s often not the amount spent (for some people it is, but probably not the majority), but the heartfelt expression of love that means the most. So open your mind and be creative. There are tons of ways to say “I love you” without spending a bundle, and many of these meaningful gifts are the presents that will be remembered most in years to come.

Some Thoughts on Celebrating Valentine’s Day [The Simple Dollar]

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