M&M's Valentine's Day "Cupid's Mix" Is 10% Lighter Than Regular M&M Packs

Do you want to lose weight for Valentine’s Day? Then M&M’s special Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Mix is just for you! Since they’re 10% lighter than M&M’s usual holiday pack, they’ll help you lose money too. More proof that M&M’s Cupid traded in his arrow for the Grocery Shrink Ray after the jump…

Tipster Lee writes:

I probably buy too many M&Ms. I often buy the medium-sized bags when they’re on sale (for $1.99 or less per bag). Perhaps I could get them cheaper if I bought larger bags from Costco, but it’s more convenient if I buy them from one of the numerous drugstores I frequent in my neighborhood.

For quite a while now the medium-sized bags have been 14 oz. Yesterday I picked up a few bags of the Valentine Day theme M&Ms and I immediately knew that something was amiss. The bags seemed lighter. Indeed, the weight was listed as 12.60oz, which happens to be exactly 10% less than 14oz.

I suppose they could claim that only the Valentine M&Ms are like this, but previous “special” themes have always been 14oz (i.e. the Halloween and Autumn Mix bags shown below.) And at the store I was at, both the regular Medium bags (which are still 14oz) and the vday bags had the same “regular” price of $3.79, making people believe that they are basically the same amount of product. I believe that they’re testing the shrink ray waters and will eventually shrink the standard Medium-sized bags (and possibly also the Small and Larger bags).

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