Delicious 2,600-Calorie Baskin Robbins Milkshake Is The Worst Food In America

In their annual roundup of unhealthy restaurant foods, Men’s Health has declared the Baskin Robbins large chocolate Oreo shake the worst food in America, supplanting Outback’s bacon and ranch dressing cheese fries.

We don’t deny that this tasty monstrosity is unhealthy, but we have to dispute its top billing. Witness the Chili’s Smokehouse Bacon Triple-The-Cheese Big Mouth Burger with Jalapeno Ranch Dressing, which was named Worst Burger. Besides the ridiculous name, it has over twice the RDA of sodium and 150 grams of fat. As Men’s Health points out, “To do that much damage with roasted sirloin, you’d have to eat about eight 6-ounce steaks.” Or maybe the 1,100-calorie Blimpie Veggie Supreme, the deceit on buns that was named Worst Healthy Sandwich. At least with a milkshake you’re not expecting it to be good for you.

The full list is available here. Have you eaten any of these nutritional nightmares? Share your stories of indigestion, remorse, and food comas in the comments.

(Photo: Maulleigh)

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