Baskin Robbins Attempting Tricky Task Of Delivering Unmelted Ice Cream To Your Door

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

It’s sometimes hard enough getting ice cream home from the supermarket without melting, so imagine the challenge of delivering freshly made sundaes and shakes to customers’ doors. Baskin Robbins, which has been testing ice cream delivery in L.A. and Chicago, now says it’s expanding that service to more than 600 stores around the country.

Customers in 22 cities can now order any kind of frozen treat offered by Baskin Robbins — from scoops of ice cream to milkshake and cakes — through DoorDash. Sundaes won’t come with whipped cream, however, as the company found it dissolved too quickly.

“Convenience and immediate gratification — they are huge customer needs,” Carol Austin, vice president of marketing at Baskin-Robbins, told Bloomberg. “Customers today want what they want, when they want it.”

To kick off the service, the two companies will deliver ice cream treats to children’s hospitals in certain cities around the county on July 14, while offering free samples of one of its new creations in stores that day as well.

You can check if delivery is available in your area here. You’ll also have to download the DoorDash app.

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