Furniture Store Employee Wants You To Know There's Something Wrong With Your Salesperson

Jeff and his wife bought a couch, chair, and armoire from Basset Furniture in Rockville, Maryland this weekend, and while the actual experience was rather pleasant, they might not be going back. It wasn’t because their salesperson was rude, but rather because another employee they’d never dealt with pulled them aside at the last minute to warn them that there was “something wrong” with the woman who’d been helping them. What? What the hell does that mean? Did she sell them haunted furniture? Was she really a robber who was pretending to sell furniture to get the customers out of the store so she could finish her robbery? Was she a replicant?

Here’s the letter Jeff’s wife wrote to Basset Furniture, describing the strange encounter:

My husband and I first visited this store on 11/15. First I would like to say how helpful both Dagmar and Jerry were during our shopping experience. They were both extremely patient and enjoyable and were not pushy or annoying. Dagmar was our sales person and was able to answer most of our questions, if we asked something she wasn’t sure about she brought Jerry in for his expertise. We appreciated this very much. Jerry and Dagmar helped us to design a custom couch however, it was a little more than we were planning to spend. We went home and looked more on Basset’s website and found a different couch and love seat. We returned to the store on 11/16 to purchase the couch and love seat we found online and an armoire we found in the store.

As we were getting ready to pay another sales woman, she was either a member of management or another sales person, grabbed my arm rather hard and literally pulled me to the side. I was completely taken aback that someone, especially a store representative would put their hand on me like that. She then proceeded to asked me if we were ever going to come back to the store after working with Dagmar. I let her know that both Dagmar and Jerry were very helpful. Then she said “Oh did Jerry tell you there is something wrong with her?” I found this statement again to be highly inappropriate and totally unnecessary. Our shopping experience up to this point had been excellent. We did purchase our couch, love seat, and armoire from Bassett today, due to Dagmar and Jerry. However, I am truly appalled that an employee of Bassett would find it necessary to go out of their way to harass a customer and degrade a co-worker in such a manner. I am sorry to say that I did not catch the woman’s name as I was in shock, but she has shoulder length wavy brunette hair, a while blazer with a dark brown or black floral pattern and is the one who owes Dagmar as well as Jerry an apology for ruining the pleasant rapport they had built between us and Basset.

Whether Dagmar is new and still learning the sales process, or whether she is working to overcome something, there is nothing she could have done to be more helpful or better represent Basset. Please let Dagmar and Jerry know how much we appreciated their help. The only reason we would now consider not returning to Basset in the future is the unpleasant assault by your other representative.

Dagmar, watch your back! One of your coworkers is kind of a bitch.

(Photo: Getty Images)

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