Don’t Be Shocked When Lowe’s Won’t Sell You A $2,999 Fridge Mistakenly Priced At $298

lowespricingerrorNo matter how many times we remind everyone that stores are generally under no legal obligation to honor a pricing mistake, some folks still seem to think that a retailer must make good — and lose hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars — on something as obvious as a decimal error.

The latest story comes out of the Jacksonville, FL, area, where a couple spotted a fridge being sold at Lowe’s for 90% off its $2,999 original price.

“I was thinking this is crazy; this can’t be right,” the wife tells WJXT-TV. “We found a man working at Lowe’s on the floor and flagged him over and said we’re ready to purchase this, so we give them the tag and he immediately says, ‘Oh, no, we’re not going to sell it for this.'”

And even though they were told immediately that it was a pricing error and that the store couldn’t honor the $298 price on the tag, the couple insisted that they should only have to pay what it says on the tag.

“I asked him, ‘Why did you post this if it isn’t the right price? Like why did you put this about the fridge if you’re not going to honor it?’… And he said they don’t look at the price, they only look at the item number and then they tag it where it needs to go.”

In an effort to reach a resolution with the shoppers, the store offered them the fridge at $1,700 plus a $100 gift card.

But the couple refused that offer and say they have contacted a lawyer to get the fridge at the advertised price.

“Getting it for the price that they advertised, and then they should remove it if it’s wrong,” the wife explains. “But they should definitely honor that situation.”

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