Decorate Your Walls For Less By Gluing Random Crap Together

My friend and I used to pretend to be crafters, and we would email elaborately ridiculous project descriptions back and forth to each other as examples of that past time gone wild. Now we must put down our imaginary glue guns and denim swatches to pay homage to Pamela Cole Harris, who does this stuff for real. Below, see what happens when a kindly scrapbooker goes insane.

Some of Harris’ suggestions:

  • Paste fringe onto old picture frames
  • Glue wooden spoons to spraypainted canvas
  • Hang scraps of wrapping paper on the wall

Here’s another one:

Pick up old vinyl records from the thrift shop – particularly bad or scratchy ones because we don’t want to ruin the good ones. For the sake of musical history, I recommend using old Lawrence Welk albums. Spray these in bright colors and attach them to the wall as instant graphic elements.

Elsewhere, she suggests hanging a curtain in place of your headboard, draping sheets over old furniture, and decoupaging, which is a craft technique that you really should need a license to attempt.

Harris seems aware that her ideas are not exactly mainstream:

Don’t worry about the design being ugly. Remember all of the abominably ugly design ideas we have fallen for in the past (think flocked velvet wallpaper, cottage cheese ceilings, and avocado green appliances) just because someone with confidence and an accent told us it was “Fabulous, Dahling!” Your abominibly ugly idea just might be the next “in” thing!

So there you have it: if you want to save money but convince your friends that you’ve gone off your meds permanently, try out some of these decorating ideas. Now excuse us—we have to go finish this toaster cozy we’re making out of hamburger meat trays and used shoelaces.

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