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Kroger Wants Alcohol Companies To Pick Up The Tab For Its New Booze Organization Plan

After decades of sticking with its organization system in stores, Kroger has a new plan for how it decides which booze brands go on which shelf, and how prominently each one is displayed. Instead of relying on “category captains” from big names like Anheuser-Busch InBev and Diageo to suggest how wine, liquor, and beer are organized in stores, the grocer wants alcohol companies to pay a privately held distributor to make those display decisions. [More]


Sorry: Vodka Vending Machine Not Coming To City Near You

A vodka vending machine recently appeared in the Ukraine, but don’t wait for one to appear in your local town or Wegmans. The machine, which began life as a coffee machine and dispensed shots and fruit-juice mixers, wasn’t legal. Since about a third of all vodka in the country is sold illegally, tax inspectors in particular are curious who might have installed the machine. [BBC] [More]


Alcoholic Beverages May Get Nutrition Labels So You’ll Know How Many Calories You’re Guzzling

Ah, the sweet, sweet oblivion of not knowing how many calories you’re drinking in that beer because you’ve refrained from looking it up on the Internet! Hold onto that feeling for as long as you can, if you’re the type to stick your head in the sand when it comes to nutritional info. Those facts may soon be staring you down from a bottle of wine, beer or liquor, whether you want to know or not. [More]

This Is Why You Avoid Buying The Cheapest Wine Even If
You're Stingy

This Is Why You Avoid Buying The Cheapest Wine Even If You're Stingy

Maybe in college you can get away with bringing out a bottle of two-buck-Chuck, aka Charles Shaw brand wine at Trader Joe’s, but since no one likes to look cheap, even the most frugal shoppers will opt for a more expensive wine choice. [More]

Mayor Daley Wants Liquor Carts At Chicago Airports

Mayor Daley Wants Liquor Carts At Chicago Airports

Ever been sitting at the airport and wanting some booze, but too bogged down with bags — or pesky kids — to belly up to the bar? Well, for travelers passing through Chicago’s two airports, the Windy City’s inimitable mayor Richard Daley has the solution — pushcarts full of booze. [More]