American Airlines Cancels Flight Because Their Customers Are Too Pissed Off To Fly

Can it actually be unsafe to fly a plane full of seething, rage-filled passengers from Florida to New York? Apparently so. Flight 1908 from Miami to LaGuardia was delayed because the flight crew didn’t arrive on time. When they did finally show up, the angry passengers started to boo.

One passenger describes the incident, “…and then they closed them behind glass doors, and they kind of threatened us that they weren’t going to fly with the way people were acting. Some people got very agitated.”

Another passenger says that a few people were using harsh language and acting like a mob. That’s when two American Airlines crew members refused to work in a “hostile” environment. American was unable to find another crew.

“They gave us a hotel and all that, but the hotel we stayed at had barbed-wire all around it. Nice place. Nice hotel, but barbed-wire around it,” another passenger told Fox 5.

The passengers may have been rude, but American certainly got the last laugh. When the passengers finally arrived at LaGuardia the following evening–they found out that their bags had been sent to JFK.

American Airlines Cancels Flight Due to Hostile Passengers [MYFoxNY]

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