Make Your Own Toy Kitchen

It’s your kid—you should get to decide what kinds of choking and lead poisoning hazards make up its playthings. One woman clearly didn’t need any Fisher-Price plastic toy kitchen ruining her white-on-white aesthetic, so she made her own entirely out of found corrugated cardboard, contact paper, and a few household items. And if you don’t feel you have the skills to replicate it by looking at the photographs, then she’ll sell you a copy of the plans for $7.

con_plasticrivet.jpg Cardboard is vastly underrated as a construction material for kids. It’s easy to work with, sturdy, easy to dispose of, and—if you’re lucky and willing to look for it—free. If you want to make the assembly part even easier, consider purchasing some reusable plastic rivets from Mr. McGroovy. He even sells “party packs” that include plans for large-scale constructions (e.g., a castle), enough rivets for the whole job, and—for that troubled child in your family—a box cutter.

“Toy Kitchen is Finished!” [via MAKE]
(Photo: fortytworoads)

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