Top Posts Of The Week

28 Confessions Of A GameStop Shift Supervisor
“All in all, if don’t enjoy being harassed for reservations or sold opened, “gutted” games, you should probably just shop somewhere else.”

Qwest Can’t Get Wireless Working Because Macs Are “Practically An Obsolete System”
“During one call to Qwest, an employee told me that he could get it up and running in 30 seconds if my computer were a PC. When I asked him if any of his colleagues were trained for Macs, he told me that hardly anyone uses macs and Qwest should not have to train its employees in a practically obsolete system. He then transferred me, against my will, to the apple support line.”

Secret Camera Investigation: Every Single Hotel Failed To Wash Your Cups And Glasses
“One hotel employee rinsed the glasses after cleaning the toilet–using the same gloves. Another one sprayed the glasses with blue cleaning fluid that was marked “Do not drink.””

Verizon FiOS Sets Another House On Fire
“What will the Verizon Policy Blog have to say about this incident? Probably something along the lines of, “while the smoke at the Sammler house may be gone, the desire of customers still clamoring for the blazing hot speeds of FiOS is yet to be quenched!””

Debt Collector Addresses Notice To “SHIT FACE”
“The letter begins, “Dear SHIT…” Below a line where the debtor is supposed to sign, the pejorative again appears. Best of all, the debt is only $16.39, for Columbia House (purveyors of fine 1cent for 624,215 CD offers).”