If you’re a customer of a small bank or credit union with limited access to fee-free ATMs, consider asking your financial institution to look into joining pre-existing, surcharge-free ATM networks like MoneyPass or Allpoint.


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  1. homerjay says:

    My CU is a member of the SUM network. http://www.sum-atm.com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many small banks rebate ATM fees, which is even better. I can go to any bank and get cash out.

  3. Wokcus says:

    Another option for credit unions is the Coop Network. [www.co-opfs.org]

  4. FLConsumer says:

    Don’t forget about the CU24 / COOP ATM networks as well. Most of the credit unions in this area are members of one or both of these networks here. Some of the credit unions here also offer teller services for other credit unions as well, while others have shared service centers, where basically one “branch” serves multiple CU customers.