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Groupon Self-Service Lets Companies Design Their Own Deals

If you could design an entire daily deal campaign for your company without talking to any pesky salespeople, would you? Most people prefer to minimize the number of pesky salespeople in their lives, which is why Groupon’s new self-service deal tool might be a great idea for even small businesses than the ones that Groupon usually works with. [More]

Always Print Your Gas Pump Receipt As Proof Of Purchase

Always Print Your Gas Pump Receipt As Proof Of Purchase

I pulled out of the lot, turned left, and I wasn’t more than 200 yards away when a cop comes up behind me, lights flashing. I knew I couldn’t have been speeding so I was genuinely confused. He said the woman at the United Dairy Farmers said I drove off without paying for gas.

Walgreen Planning DVD-Burning Kiosks To Sell Movies

Walgreen Planning DVD-Burning Kiosks To Sell Movies

Sometime next year, Walgreen will introduce kiosks where customers can select and purchase movies—mostly older ones that aren’t as frequently stocked in stores—and have them burned onto DVDs while they wait (for about 15 minutes). Although the idea seems like one that someone should have had years ago, it wasn’t a commercial possibility until last month, when the organization responsible for licensing CSS—the widespread copy restriction software that’s coded into pretty much every Hollywood DVD release—expanded its licensing structure to make room for business models like this one.

If you’re a customer of a small bank or credit union with limited access to fee-free ATMs, consider asking your financial institution to look into joining pre-existing, surcharge-free ATM networks like MoneyPass or Allpoint.

Fast Food Industry To Go Self-Service?

Fast Food Industry To Go Self-Service?

Fast Food News is claiming that the time will soon come when you will no longer need to rely upon a teenage Deadhead taking a break from popping his pimples to cook up your burgers: the fast food industry is moving towards self-service.