Look For Travel Bargains On Country-Specific Websites

When you’re looking online for flights or car rentals, consider trying the country-specific versions of popular travel websites, suggests the New York Times. In at least some cases, the price difference can be more than 50%.

There are lots of caveats, however. Most round-trip tickets will require the originating point to be within that country, so you’ll have to already be there in order to take advantage of cheap flights. There can also be hidden costs in extra liability fees that don’t show up until the car rental company realizes you’re a non-citizen. And many websites will require a local credit card to make a purchase, so the article suggests you have friends, your company’s local office, or even a local travel agent make the purchase for you—the agent’s fees will likely be worth the extra savings.

“When the Best Deals Don’t End in .Com” [New York Times]

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