The Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items

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Not content ordering from the menu? Need to have that extra little bit of class that comes from “knowing the chef”?

Here it is, your guide to secret menu items. Sure, it’s not the secret rib eye at Nobu, but it’s something. Before reading this please note that this article has not been fact-checked. This report is based purely on reader suggestions. We are posting them entirely without confirmation and are not going to try to order any of this crap in order to confirm its existence. We would die of heart disease, be broke, and our ass would be the size of Texas. This is the internet, the internet is not fact-checked, and these are your secret menu items. Enjoy.

Taco Bell: Everything Taco Bell makes is comprised of a few basic ingredients, so they’ll likely make anything they have the stuff for, which is probably pretty much anything they’ve ever served. Examples to attempt: Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Encharito.

Wendy’s: A tipster tells us, “order a “Grand Slam”, It would otherwise be called a Classic Quadruple, were it on the menu.” Reader bringafajita suggests trying to get a “Quarter Pound Double Stack with Cheese.” FishingCrue tells us to try “Everything” (lettuce and tomato) on a Wendy’s Double Stack, sometimes it’s even free. If they look at you like you’re crazy, tell them there’s a button for it. A double stack with everything, add bacon is a decent sandwich for somewhere south of 2 bones.”

Chipotle: Chipotle will, like Taco Bell, make anything they have the ingredients for. Unlike Taco Bell, this is an official policy. Some suggestions: Nachos, Quesadilla, Individual Tacos, Taco Salads, Tiny Bean Burritos Using Taco Shells, Fresh Cilantro on Your Tacos, whatever you can think of.

Subway: Subway will still make the “pizza sub,” and many other former menu items. Also, they can’t sell “broken cookies,” so they may give you some for free.

Jamba Juice: Jamba has an entire secret menu of “unhealthy” smoothies named after things that would involve copyright violations were they to be included on the menu. The ones we know of:White Gummi Bear, Red Gummi Bear, Green Gummi Bear, Raspberry Dreamin’, Pineapple Dreamin’, Sourpatch Kid, Tropical Tango, Pacific Passion, Berry Depressing, Now and Later, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Apple Pie, Fruity Pebbles, Rainbow Sherbet, Strawberry Shortcake, Push Pop, Skittles, Andres’ Surprise, and Lemonade Lightnin’. (Thanks,ronaldscott!)
In-N-Out Burger: Has their “secret” menu posted on their website, but a tipster writes in: “Not only can you get an animal style burger but you can also get animal style fries which are amazing. It’s fries piled with onions, cheese and sauce and they come with a fork.” In addition, we hear several voices calling from the mist, whispering that the secret menu doesn’t stop at 4 x 4., but may, in fact, go on to infinity. Or at least to 100 x 100…
(Thanks, xapplexjuicex!)

Starbucks: Starbucks will make you absolutely anything you want no matter how insane it is, according to our tipster.

“Baristas might try and tell their customers that no, we can’t do that with the blenders. This is a lie. Starbucks corporate policy is that the customer is ALWAYS right (even when the request is stupid). If you really insist that you want your iced soy latte blended, the baristas HAVE to do it. If they continue to refuse, ask to speak to a manager and either they’ll realize they’re about to get in trouble and will fill your request, or the manager will come out and politely tell the barista to make the customer happy.

Absolutely any concoction that you can think of (involving any type of milk, syrup, coffee, etc.) will be made for you. The limits to Starbucks “secret menu” are merely the limits of your imagination. You can even bring supplements from home and ask the barista to please include that in your drink.”

Well, damn.

Dairy Queen: Reader Falconfire says: “I couldn’t even begin to tell you the list of Dairy Queen secret menu items. Lets put it this way, there is a huge book every DQ has to have, you want it, it’s in there. It may not be listed as a item, but the instruction on how to make it and what to use are in there as well as how it is rung up. About the only thing they cant make is seasonal items, since they usually require a ingredient not carried normally.”

Chili’s: According to Reader Elara, they no longer have chili on the menu (what?) but if you ask them, they’ll bring you a cup.

Blimpie: Attention veggie-lovers: Reader VeryFancyBunny says: “Blimpie used to have a sandwich called the “Cheese Trio” on the menu. They took it off years ago (at least around here), but I’ve been able to order it with no problem. Otherwise, all their sandwiches involve meat.”

Burger King: Try the “mustard whopper,” a whopper with mustard rather than mayo, from Reader dwneylonsr, and the “veggie whopper” from VeryFancyBunny, which is just a whopper with the meat omitted. Reader sixtoe suggests attempting to get the “Bull’s-Eye BBQ Burger.”

Popeye’s: mullenite suggests ordering the “Naked Chicken,” which is chicken with no breading. Sounds very Atkins.

TGIFriday’s: Readers junkmail and mullenite tell us that TGIF have a “Five Easy Pieces” policy that says they’ll make anything you want with the crap they’ve got in the kitchen.

Denny’s: Speaking of Five Easy Pieces, Reader weave says: “Don’t expect a secret menu at Denny’s. I went in there and asked for a grilled cheese sandwich and they were baffled. They finally decided to give me Moons over My Hammy and toss out the ham — and charge me the full price for it.” Did she hold the ham between her knees?

and finally, at Arby’s: sixtoe likes the “French Dip.”

Thanks to everyone for sharing their knowledge of the wild and woolly world of nationwide chain restaurants. You are the heroes. Let your indigestion be a mark of your bravery.

Did we forget something? If you’d like to suggest an item for this guide, email tips [at] consumerist [dot] com. Put “Secret Menu” in the subject.

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  1. muddgirl says:

    Ooh, mentioning Starbucks reminded me. I used to be friends with a barista at a Barnes and Noble Coffee shop (those are operated by Starbucks now, I believe). He used to blend chocolate biscottis into our frappachinos, which was way tastier than the normal mocha frappachinos. If you ask the barista, he or she will do it for you for the cost of the biscotti.

  2. max andrews says:

    How DARE you! I wake up in New York to read this only to now be controlled by a need to procure In-N-Out. I am seriously considering getting on a plane right now, or paying my mom to fed-ex me some. Bah!

    • TheSkaAssassin - College Man says:

      We just got them in Texas. I haven’t been yet, but it’s certainly a dream come true.

    • there's a difference between username and screen name? says:

      Lived in SoCal, never saw why IN-N-OUT is so revered. Fatburger owns.

  3. Karl says:

    Red Robin used to have “petite” burgers on their menu. They don’t anymore, but you can still order them. Useful for when you’re not THAT hungry!

  4. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Somewhere on the interwebs there is a photo chronicle of odering a 100×100 at an In-n-Out. I’m too lazy to look it up, but it does exist.

    • PsychoDan says:

      In-N-Out policy has changed, however, after a rash of orders that were taking up the entire kitchen for half an hour or so. I believe the maximum burger is supposed to be a 10×10 now (which is still very large), and if business is slow there’s always a chance they’ll bend it a bit for you, but the days of the 100×100 are no more.

  5. BillyShears says:

    Unless things have changed at Popeyes in the past seeral months or so, the naked chicken strips are by no means “secret,” they’re right there on the menu above the cashiers.

    • eyesack is the boss of the DEFAMATION ZONE says:

      I wonder if this is a regional thing. Like you, I usually see “Original, spicy, or naked” as options around here.

  6. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    OK, I felt bad for being lazy. The In-N-Out 100×100 –

  7. cindel says:

    @muddgirl: Nope, BN cafe only serves Starbucks Coffee but they are not run by Starbucks Corp.

    The Starbucks thing is true and same thing goes for BN Cafe. However here the thing, we charge for “extra” so if you want that extra syrup in whatever crazy drink you want us to make, beware.

    I so wish we had a Jamba Juice here. We only have Smoothie King which is close enough.

  8. thereviewer says:

    When this story broke last week about Jamba, I went striaght down there to try the Pink Star, and he totally knew what it was, and it was oh so very good. I am so happy with my jamba list, I will be trying all of them. But the pink star was a wonderful start.

  9. leftistcoast says:
  10. thereviewer says:

    Oh your list is not the same as mine, here is my full Jamba list, I got.

    Blue Gummy Bear

    Peanut Butter and Jelly



    Apple Pie

    Fruity Pebbles

    Strawberry Shortcake

    White gummy bear

    chocolate gummy bear

    Red Gummy Bear

    Pink Starbusrt

    Raspberry Dreamin’

    Pineapple Dreamin’

    Sourpatch Kid

    Now and Later

    Push Pop

  11. SlappyPappy says:

    At Red Robin, their secret menu comes from their website. Basically they have a lot more ingredients than they actually list. You can go to their website and design your own burger and they’ll have to make it.

  12. What’s the secret code at McDonalds to get a burger that hasn’t been spit on?

  13. Designersheets says:

    I have been ordering veggie whoppers at BK for a few years, most of the time they get it wrong. The last time i ordered it they gave me a meat patty in a box, how wrong is that?! I always get them to fix it, and sometimes it’s a dollar cheaper then a reg. whopper. Taco Bell will also replace the meat on the tacos with beans, but watch out for that extra charge.

  14. golgiapparatus says:

    Animal Fries ARE amazing. They’re so delicious they make my tummy hurt. But it’s worth it. /droooooool

    I go to Jamba Juice ridiculously a lot, I’m gonna have to try out some of those secret items. Push Pop sounds tasty…

  15. SexCpotatoes says:

    They used to have a “toasted cheese” sandwich at mcdonalds… (two big mac middles and cheese I think). I wonder if they still have the two cheeseburger meal… you used to be able to order it instead of the double cheeseburger meal back in the day.

    • Sorta Kinda Lucky Soul says:

      Yep, you can still get it — I order it quite frequently. I think there’s still a button for it on the cash register.

  16. FlashSandbox says:

    McD’s: 2 cheese burger meal. It’s like any other meal (so it comes with fries/drink) and 2 burgers. It’s cheaper than getting 2 burgers + fries + drink individually.

  17. nick says:

    I’ve gotten the “white gummi bear” at Jamba Juice twice now, and as previously reported, it is indeed better than crack.

    Try it now, thank me later!

  18. mrbenning says:

    Not that this is a huge deal, but at Chick-Fil-A you can get a chicken strips salad with nuggets instead of the strips. You just have to ask.

  19. dotorg greg says:

    The secret ingredient for some items is apparently eye contact.

    I thought I’d try the Wendy’s doublestack at the drivethru, but all I got was a “we don’t have that anymore.” Then I suggested it’s still in the register I got “no, you can’t have that. Order something else or move on.” unquote.

  20. dotyoureyes says:

    Chili’s definitely still has chili on the menu. I just had it a couple weeks ago. Tasty.

    There were a couple types of chili, for that matter — a red and a white, as I recall.

  21. CreativeDisasters says:

    This post could also be titled:

    “How To Make The Life Of Someone With a Job They Probably Hate That Much Worse.”

    My fiancee is a four year shift at Starbucks, and if some jackass came in and demanded to put his own ingredients in a frappucino, I’d want to hunt the person down and pour an iced soy latte down their pants.

    Ordering something that’s not on the listed menu is fine, but wreaking havoc on someone that has to deal with obnoxious people all day, just so you can have your orange mocha frappucino is ridiculous. Buy a blender.

  22. lawnmowerdeth says:

    More of a local item rather than ‘secret’, but in Green Bay, WI, the BK’s had a “Gilbert Burger”, named for Packer’s player Gilbert Brown. He told reporters he would order triple Whoppers with double toppings, so the stores began selling them by name.

  23. Brie says:

    I’m really impressed by all the “they’ll make you X… they have the ingredients,” because the Jack-in-the-Box near my husband’s work “can’t” make a double cheeseburger. I forget what the logic is – maybe something like ‘uh, we don’t know what to charge you for it’. So my husband buys two single cheeseburgers for 99 cents (or whatever the special deal is) and doubles up the meat and throws the buns away.

  24. wasylm says:

    Starbucks has a short cappuccino that isn’t on the menu, it’s supposedly the best ratio of price/espresso shots. Same amount of espresso as a tall, but less milk. I’ve ordered it and sure enough, they have the cups for it and they know what it is.

  25. theAlphaJohn says:

    I used to love the Classic Double with Cheese at Wendys before I became the food nazi. I went ahead and put together the essential nutrition info for the class double, triple, and quad:

    burger | cal | fat | sat fat | carbs | sugars | protein
    quad | 1240 | 79 | 34 | 38 | 10 | 92
    triple | 0970 | 59 | 25 | 38 | 09 | 70
    doubl | 0700 | 39 | 16 | 38 | 08 | 48

    Ahh…to be young and fat again.

  26. spanky says:

    If you ask for a “spicy” or “green” bean burrito at Taco Bell, they’ll put green stuff on it instead of red stuff.

    • there's a difference between username and screen name? says:

      They don’t have the green stuff anymore, so you can’t get one…used to love them myself *sad*

      • BebeZed says:

        That depends on what type of Taco Bell you go to, and where. They don’t appear to have it in Canada — at least in lower mainland British Columbia, where I visited every Taco Bell I could find searching for it, but then all the stores were combo stores, like Taco Bell/KFC or Taco Bell/Pizza Hut. I’ve found very few of the combo stores have the green sauce, but the stand-alone stores generally do, at least on the West Coast. I am not a fan of burritos with the red sauce, so this is always how I order them, and always with double onions, which they’re happy to do for no extra charge.

  27. mechugena says:


    So, instead of bleeding on it, they’ll hock a loogie on it?

  28. kad9k says:

    Chili’s will also let you order the Guiltless Grill Chicken Pita even though it’s not on the menu anymore. So much better than the Guiltless chicken sandwich!

  29. OnoSideboard says:

    Some Starbucks stuff (from a long-time barista who hasn’t worked there in a few years): First, quoting the article–

    You can even bring supplements from home and ask the barista to please include that in your drink.

    This is only true in a few situations. If you bring something like your own all-natural sweetener in a packet (I used to have a regular that brought in stevia packets), the barista will probably put it in the cup before pulling your shots. But they will absolutely NOT put anything into a blender or otherwise contaminate the Starbucks equipment with whatever the hell you’ve got in your flask/bottle/pocket. There’s no telling what that meth residue might do to the next little kid coming in for a venti mocha frappaccino and the lawsuits it might spawn.

    Also, the “short” size is available for all hot drinks. It’s 8oz. and does cost less. As of the last time I pulled a shift, it’s on the register so you shouldn’t get any weird looks asking for it.

    OK, that said, here a few “off the menu” drinks well-known by Starbucks baristas:

    Red Eye – a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso in it.
    Black Eye – a cup of coffee with two shots of espresso in it.
    Zebra (aka Oreo) – a mocha made with half regular mocha syrup and half white chocolate syrup
    Chai Latte with a shot of espresso – no catchy name, but it is tasty and will keep you awake for days

    • Chocotanya says:

      @OnoSideboard: A chai latte with espresso is called a “dirty hippie” in my neck of the woods (Canada).

    • jojoscats says:

      Here in New York, to order your chai latte with a shot of expresso they call it “dirty”.

    • ajlei says:

      I can (sorta) second this. I used to work at a Seattle’s Best and they won’t put anything in a blender that isn’t already behind the counter. That includes bottled drinks in the cases that they sell in the cafe. Their reason is that any allergens in there could contaminate the blender for the next person. Realistically, once it’s watched it’s probably not a problem, but that was their explanation anyway.

  30. endlessendres says:

    I’ve been getting the Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell for a few years now. One of the only foods I’ll eat there.

  31. apullin says:

    There was a larger in-n-out Burger.
    Some Caltech kids tried to order a 666×666, as satanism is common around Caltech. Because In-n-Out is religiously affiliated, they wouldn’t make it, but instead they did a 667×667. there were boxes and boxes of meat and cheese, and the thing was re-assembled in the student dorms in all its glory. There are pictures floating around somewhere, but I don’t happen to have them.

  32. Shiftytek says:

    McDonald’s is willing to mix things up a bit as well, Double BigMac, Mac Jr., etc.

    My personal favorite is the Double BigMac with Quarter Beef, they’ll throw a whole pound of beef on a burger for you.

  33. DemonMonkey says:

    For McDonalds:
    /remembering things from when I worked at one… years ago
    1) Triple Cheese Burger (duh)
    2) Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Bun toasted sides out and cheese in the middle)

    One thing people may not know, is that if you order something FRESH, they have to cook you a fresh one… But you will have to wait for it. (Burger patties about a minute. Quarter patties somewhere in the range of 1 and a half to two minutes. Fried stuff 3+ minutes.)

    • Guppy says:

      I used to work there too, and I always ordered a McDouble -ketchup and mustard, +big mac sauce and extra pickles (they normally only put two on a mcDouble) in order to get a dollar big mac. You can order mac sauce on anything, or even get some in a little cup or something. You can add all the veggies you want without extra charge (I think they charge for tomatoes, though). So I suppose you could even add the lettuce but I just always skipped it.

  34. Christopher says:

    @OnoSideboard: Damn, I was just going to post that.

    At a smaller chain coffee shop that I used to work for we could only add something that a customer brought with them if, and only if, it only needed to go in their cup. Any other way, like into the blender or steaming pitcher, would be a major health code violation. I’m sure Starbucks abides by a very similar policy.

  35. ChrisFurniss says:

    Some good burger king tips:

    You can order a burger “no steamer” which means it comes directly off the grill. It will take a bit longer but tastes way better. You can also order burgers cut into quarters. Why? CAUSE.

  36. Her Grace says:

    Chai Latte with a shot of espresso That sounds almost worth going to Starbucks for. I’m going to have to see if my local little café can do it for me.

    I agree about considering the workers in this. Unhappy workers are slower and less willing to help you, so why go out of your way to make them more unhappy by pulling the “I know it’s not on your menu but I’m the customer and you HAVE to” schtick. Trying to call down a manager on a barista because he doesn’t know the right buttons to push to make you some fabulous crazy drink is cruel. You don’t need it that bad. I promise. I’m not against trying to use the secret menus or anything, just don’t have a fit if you’re refused. Try again next time and suck it up for now.

  37. Luke49783 says:

    OnoSideBoard: The chai latte with a shot of espresso is known as “Dirty Hippy” at the coffee shops around me (all local places in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan)

  38. cptsmidge says:

    In Canada McDonald’s offers a double Big Mac, it’s not on the menu in the States, but I’m sure you could order one. Just so everyone knows, they’re delicious.

  39. bmeckel says:

    sorry to be a jerk, but can someone describe the jamba flavors. thanks alot.

  40. spate says:

    A friend of mine once ordered the a burger at Burger King and the person serving accidentally hit the CUT 1/2 button. He looked at his receipt and was asking us.. “CUT 1/2??” So one of the servers grabs a burger off the queue, and as he’s watching, pulls out this huge knife and slices the still-wrapped burger in half. My friend was just, like, ‘huh?’ Then the server wraps it in yet another wrapper and hands it to him. The look on my friend’s face was priceless.

    After seeing that, another friend suggested maybe next time he could ask for one that was cut into thirds..

  41. CeilingCat says:

    At a Canadian Dairy Queen I once ordered a Chicken Strip Blizzard, and to my surprise they agreed to make it after the Manager warned me that the result of mixing hot fried chicken and smooth ice cream would probably not be very palatable.

    In the end, I chickened out (pardon the pun) and got something a little more sensible but it was liberating to know that I could get basically what I wanted if I was willing to pay for it and live with the results.

  42. koz1000 says:

    I always wondered why Burger King stopped cutting the original chicken sandwiches in half. You have to ASK for it now?

  43. micturatedupon says:

    i work at mimi’s cafe, and much the same applies to most sit down restaurants:

    if we discontinue an item, but still have the ingredients to make it, we will, lack of computer buttons be damned.

    just be polite, and don’t be surprised if shows up under another name, or as ‘open food’ on your ticket, that’s just the way we have to charge it.

    again, the rule is, the customer is always right, however, we reserve the right to determine who’s a customer;)

  44. stufuller says:

    Chili’s no longer has the “Blue Ribbon Salad”, but I still order it and get it.

  45. matt8000 says:

    McDonalds will add or subtract meat patties to your liking. Personal favourite is the ‘Pounder’: the contents of 4 quarter pounders in the one burger. Mmmm..cholesterol.

  46. derherzeleid says:

    ” Starbucks corporate policy is that the customer is ALWAYS right”
    While it is corporate policy to do so, a) being rude to the barista may get you decaf shots
    and b) Food safety is taught at every level, and so making a “soy” frappachino is impossible, since the blender would have to be sanitized at the very least after adding your ingredients to it.
    Note: you might be able to bully a manager into it, but again, I wouldn’t suggest it.
    You can also order a kids apple juice, or milk/flavored milk through starbucks with no problem. Should ring up for $1.05 or so.
    Try not to ask for “red eye” or nicknames for your drinks, it’s easier to just explain what the drink is, and results in less confusion. (Since each store has different names for these “special drinks” ex) a black and white mocha is called a tuxedo for us.)
    If you’re a regular at a particular starbucks, they’re more willing to bend over backwards for you, for example one of the regulars always orders a “venti 2 splenda no water extra ice black tea and a grande 1 pump mocha”

    Absolutely any concoction that you can think of (involving any type of milk, syrup, coffee, etc.) will be made for you. The limits to Starbucks “secret menu” are merely the limits of your imagination.
    -This is really ONLY true with espresso drinks.

    Please, Please, Please take into consideration your barista when ordering.
    (and yes, I am a “partner” at SBux)

  47. jamesvaughn says:

    At the Brooklyn Diner on 57th St in Manhattan you can order the best turkey burgers in town, which are not on the menu.

  48. unclebob1992 says:

    At sonic, you can order a pink flamingo which is like pink limeade with lemons and cherries(It is awesome). They stopped promoting it after they changed their menus, but if you get a somewhat knowledgeable person they will know what you mean. When you get your receipt though the description will probably say “See Me” or something similar. My guess is that the smart person has to tell the newb how to make it.

    • Baral'heia Stormdancer says:

      Fast forward 5 years, and most Sonics no longer remember what the Pink Flamingo is. However, you can still order it – simply ask for a “Lemonberry Sprite”.

  49. zanthian says:

    Skyline – Secret menu item is the Chilito. It is a mini burrito filled with chili and cheese. You can add onions and sourcream for a truelly fantastic adventure :o)

    • Doncosmic says:

      I love skyline, and they actually used to have something by the same name at taco bell, but a skyline one would be infinitely bettter

    • photogonfire says:

      Obviously a fellow Cincinnatian… The funny thing about the “Chilito” is that it was on the menu for a short time until the company realized what “Chilito” means in the hispanic community… oops!

  50. sophrinix says:


    I’m calling your bluff on the soy frappachino.
    I have worked as a Barista before at Borders Group and
    am a vegetarian going on 6 years now. I have never
    heard of any sanitation issues over adding soy to a
    I admit I don’t know everything, but I
    am interested in knowing where is your sorce.
    Especially since google comes up empty.

    • Thalia says:

      Soy is an allergen, so you have to use a different blender glass for it. Most coffee shops have the separate blenders though.

  51. whiteruskii says:

    I’ll add in another from Pizzeria Uno:

    Ask for the Fajita Pizza. It’s not on the menu, but they’ll still make it, and it is delicious.

  52. Panhandler says:

    I’m surprised that the elitism of Consumerist approves of meat-eating. Don’t you people know that meat-eating causes globo-wamo?

  53. XSteveMurphy says:

    Highly suggest going to Chilis and ordering their Chicken Tender in the Awesome Blossom Batter. Typical Chilis tenders are in a cake-like batter, which I really hate. The server might look at you funny, but just tell them you know they can make it. Much better that way.

  54. wedgekun says:

    As a starbucks barista, I can tell you that we are NOT allowed to go and add non-starbucks ingredients (meaning whatever random crap customers want to bring in to have us blend in.)

    But it’s not as if we don’t have a truckload of other official ingredients customers can play around with in their drink (at least 4 different kinds of milk, 18 different syrups, 5 different kinds of dry sweetener…)

  55. lrprincess2006 says:

    What are the ingredients for the Jamba Juice secret menu items? It would be nice to know what i am getting in them before i try an order it. :) Thanks for the secret menu items.

  56. juniper says:

    @ Onosideboard:

    The Chai with a shot of espresso is called a “Dirty Chai” in Chicago.

  57. juniper says:

    @OnoSideboard: A Chai with a shot of espresso is called a “Dirty Chai” in Chicago, and it’s very popular in several Loop Starbucks.

  58. MattGrommes says:

    What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that restaurants in different parts of the country serve different stuff. Unless you live in New Mexico, can you get a Green Chile Cheeseburger at your local McDonalds? I’ve never seen one but a McD that didn’t serve that here would probably go out of business. Just because the Chilis in your neck of the woods doesn’t have chili on the menu doesn’t make it secret or special, it just makes it unpopular where you live. If you see something at a chain store somewhere, other stores will probably have it, unless it requires something weird like the aforementioned green chile.

  59. Nsama says:

    Why not get out (of the junk food shop) more and make your own food. You’ll discover it taste 100 times better than the shit you get fed at the places above.


  60. Mad_Science says:

    From someone on the other side of the counter…please don’t order something ridiculous like this and expect it to be done quickly, cheaply, or just like you wanted it. Menus exist for reasons, employee training and food prep times being among them.

    I made an non-frapuccino (not SB) with 7 shots of espresso in it once while working at my mother in law’s coffee shop. I thought it was a joke at first.

    Given the extra-shot prices, I think it turned out to be about $8, but the lady ordering it was prepared for the price. That’s how you gotta be.

  61. Khisanth says:

    I know McDonalds used to be able to do a 20-piece McNuggets meal if you wanted (as opposed to the normal 10-piece or 6-piece meals; it was never on the menu), and back when I used to hit them up every day after school (and didn’t have a cupholder in my car), they were always willing to substitute 2 apple pies for the drink. That was years ago, though — dunno if they still do it now, but it’s worth asking about.

  62. andymanj says:

    At LJS, ask for “Crumbs”. They’ll give you a container of their famous instant artery clogging fried batter bi-product that you normally munch on as an afterthought. It’s an affordable delicacy to even the cheapest bum at 16 cents!

    • GundamAC195 says:

      hahaha, I wasn’t aware anyone else did this…I used to LOVE those things as a kid, almost more than the fish.

  63. andymanj says:

    Sorry… that’s Long John Silver’s to anyone who I may have confused.

  64. derherzeleid says:

    “what i do dislike, however, are the customers that will waste ten minutes of my time trying to convince me to go against policy and blend them a soy frappuccino.”

    The reason is, the frappuchino bases are premade, literally just add water. This is the same reason you can’t get a decaf AND light sugar frappuchino.
    Thus, there is no real way to make a soy frappuchino.
    It’s different with things like “blended strawberry lemonade.” What it boils down to, is there a recipe card for it, or not?
    There are people who are allergic to soy milk, and that is where the sanitation issue comes in.
    This becomes doubly true for if you ask to add your own ingredients. Take for example if you want to add rum to your drink, or god knows what. Next person comes in and has a reaction to your ingredients, starbucks is liable, not you.

  65. UNC_Samurai says:

    Can I have a whopper, hold the bun?

    And a milkshake, hold the cup.

  66. pojo644 says:

    “What’s the secret code at McDonalds to get a burger that hasn’t been spit on?”
    if someone spits in your food ask to speak to a the store manager, get mad and start yelling, they will be forced to call the local manager who will have to make to happy, and pull up video/audio(bet u didn’t know that we had that) once they find out who spit in the food the person will be fired on spot, and you will be given a refund with your food remade by the local manager, and maybe a bunch of the “be our guest” cards, if you bring one of thoughs in, you might get spit, cuz the crew will know that you filed a claim against someone.
    I know all this cuz my managers make me learn this stuff, im a crew trainer!!!!!!!!! and will we make any sandwich you want, but there is a auto charge now, just push the add button will charge about 30 cents.
    to everyone who is saying you can get it fresh, well you can and here is the wait time:
    reg meats 34 secs.
    qtr meats 95 secs.
    frys 3 minutes
    nuggents(all smaller chickens) 4 minutes
    chicken selects 6 minutes
    and just some advice, dont come in at 2 minutes to close and ask for everything fresh, because you will most likely get the lights turned off on you, because we have to close right at 1 am. My manager gets a quad chessebuger.
    And if you order something and want to know if its on the menu, here is how to tell: if we are busy and you hear a beep 3 times, that means the grill menu is opened and they should wait to find out what was added/removed,and if you take something off youo dont save money.

  67. Brabbles says:

    Sophrinix: Here’s the deal with Borders Freezes: Borders uses two pitchers for their blenders, dairy and non-dairy. You can make a soy Freeze. It would taste awful, but you could. However, the vanilla base they use for the drink contains dairy anyway, so the barista should disclose this, in case the customer is vegan or lactose intolerant. The only sanitation issue would be if the barista were to make the drink in the dairy pitcher, because you can’t put vanilla base in those.

    I don’t know anything about Star$$.

  68. roothorick says:

    Burger King has a very similar deal to the In-n-Out 4×4 but it works a little bit differently. Go into your local BK and ask for a 5-patty Stacker, 6-patty Stacker etc. They ring it up almost exactly the same way In-n-Out does — quad Stacker with extra patties/cheese tacked on.

    They’re also willing to do a “Stacker Whopper” with Whopper ingredients and Stacker meat/sauce, but you’ll have to spell out the recipe for them. Hold the bacon, add pickles and tomatoes and lettuce, etc. Caveat emptor — the tomatoes are extra.

  69. mochunk says:

    I swear Dennys now has Cheese Fries on their menu because of me. Many moons ago we frequented a particular location almost daily. I asked for some fries with cheese on them. They happily coated it in Chedder and served it. This caught on to where friends and others also started ordering it. Sometimes 10+ orders a night between me and others. A year later it showed up on the menu but with bacon and a grossly inflated price. Pfft. Now I have to pay double and omit the bacon.

    I don’t eat there much anymore.

  70. akumukun says:

    I used to work at DQ, and you can order ANYTHING on a sundae or Blizzard. Smarties sundae, mint-cherry-peanut Blizzard, heck I’ve even served a pickle sundae to a pregnant woman with a craving. And MOST of the Blizzards that are “discontinued” are still available, just not on the menu. Often, there’s just enough of the stuff that never goes bad that’s sitting in a freezer to make a few more Blizzards. Just be warned that, depending on the amount/types of toppings you ask for, you may have to pay for extra toppings.

  71. heterophobic says:

    The “Naked Strips” at Popeye’s are on the menu. They have been for a couple years now. You can get mild, spicy, or naked strips.

    McDonalds also still has a value meal with 2 cheeseburgers that is no longer on the menu. In order to get hamburgers instead of cheeseburgers, you have to just specify no cheese, as there isn’t a 2 hamburger meal.

  72. djcookie96 says:

    derherzeleid , as a 3-year shift, I gotta stop you there…..

    “what i do dislike, however, are the customers that will waste ten minutes of my time trying to convince me to go against policy and blend them a soy frappuccino.”

    It is perfectly possible to make a soy frappuccino for a customer, as long as they understand that it won’t have the same consistency as a traditional frap. That is the OTHER use for those nifty “NON-DAIRY” blenders..

    “The reason is, the frappuchino bases are premade, literally just add water. This is the same reason you can’t get a decaf AND light sugar frappuchino.”
    You CAN get decaf frappuccino lights, and in fact they are now a standard part of the Starbucks drink repetoire, but are NOT a required menu item. Each store manager is given the discretion to keep decaf frap light base available in his/her store depending upon customer demand…

    “There are people who are allergic to soy milk, and that is where the sanitation issue comes in.”
    Though there ARE some people who are allergic to soy products, the number allergic to dairy products are MUCH higher, which is why Starbucks has clearly marked pitcher and blenders for use with non-dairy products.

    “This becomes doubly true for if you ask to add your own ingredients. Take for example if you want to add rum to your drink, or god knows what.”
    Starbucks has VERY clear policies about the presence of alcohol in the stores, on EITHER side of the counter…a shift or manager could take care fo this one easily. The “Just say Yes” policy would require a barista to comply with a request to add a bit of protein powder, or greens supplement to a frap, but anything beyond that is probably pushing it.

    “Next person comes in and has a reaction to your ingredients, starbucks is liable, not you.”
    This would be a stretch, simply because Starbucks clearly publishes the fact that their food may contain traces of allergens, including blended beverages. You could TRY to sue, but this would presuppose your ability to prove that some ingredient that was deliberately added to a drink caused your reaction, and not some trace contaminant from the production of normal ingredients. Suffice to say, if you are wearing the green or black apron, just use some common sense…if you are worried about something, ask your supervisor or just take the blender to the sanitizer….you do have more!!

    And if you are a customer ordering something new/different/special/weird, don’t be surprised if baristas double-check with you…customers new to Starbucks accidentally order the wrong thing ALL the time ;-)

  73. Geoff says:

    An ex-girlfriend of mine works at Starbucks. When we were dating, I used to complain how seasonal drinks like the Peppermint Frappuchino or Peppermint Hot Chocolate weren’t available year round.

    Much to my surprise, she said they are. The syrups are always in the store, they only list them on the menu during the special season. This, I’ve found, to be true.

    So, I’d assume that’d be true with other seasonal drinks as well.

  74. danalan says:

    So, from this discussion about blended drinks, I’m getting that the blending pitcher is not cleansed after each use? Yuck!

    My wife and I own a small coffeehouse, and we will gladly make your blended drink with soy. There won’t be any sanitation issues — we clean our blenders after each drink is made. We also clean the mixing pitcher for the lattes. It only takes a few seconds, and seems like the right thing to do.

    We also grind our coffee fresh for each customer, rather than filling the dispensing chamber all at once. If we have a live musician, we’ll wait until they’re between songs to run the blender. Of course, our customers aren’t in a big hurry to leave. They come here to hang out and relax.

    As far as a ‘secret menu’, we’ll make anything you want, provided we’ve got the ingredients. Want ice cream in your smoothie? A drip mocha with 3 shots? Blueberry, Root Beer, and Tiramisu syrup in your latte? No problem.

  75. NateM says:

    I used to work at McDonalds, most things that aren’t on the menu but used to be are still in the registers.
    You can get
    Grilled Cheese
    Jr. Mac
    Triple Cheeseburger
    2 cheeseburger meal (if you want 2 hamburgers, it’s cheaper to order the burgers, fries, and drink separately)
    McChicken meal
    Double cheeseburger meal
    the Double Filet is always available, even though it is usually only listed during lent.

    Usually if a crew member tells you that you can’t get that, they’re new, just point out that it’s on the register. Most of the time they’ll ask someone who’s been there longer, it just depends on how busy they are. If you come in when there’s a long line and the drive through is wrapped (around the building), don’t expect them to look too hard if they don’t know.

  76. derherzeleid says:

    Seasonal drinks are available as long as the store still has the syrups, and they haven’t expired. My store still has the summer juice blends and up till last week banana coconut frappuchinos.

  77. Ragekage214 says:

    My friend once worked at a Subway. and if you dont remeber, back in the day they would cut a wedge out of the top of the bread to put your sandwich ingredients into, but now all of the sandwiches are made the conventional way of cutting tehm in half. Anyway, in his experience working there, people would come in and ask him to do the wedge cut, and he would do it. Not really a secret menu item, but rather an older method, apparently still in practice.

  78. sneakysena says:

    While those of us at Starbucks will do a lot for customers, your tipster is actually incorrect when he says that customers can bring in supplements from home to be blended into drinks. I won’t take sealed packets of stevia from customers, I’m sure not going to take some sort of unknown supplement from them and put it in a drink I’m serving from my store and I would never expect any of my baristas to do the same. We do “just say yes,” but only to a point. I won’t blend in bananas, I won’t blend in pills, I won’t blend in packets of mystery powders and herbs. That’s against health code and unsafe not only for the partners, but also for other customers, since who knows what those pills or powders really are. I will, however, blend you up an iced soy latte, even though it will separate in about 30 seconds and not taste very good.

  79. Brabbles says:

    To Danalan:

    The issue isn’t sanitizing the the blend pitchers–this is done on a regular basis. The issue is that, sure, in theory, you can wash and sanitize a pitcher after putting dairy product in it. The problem is, somewhere along the line, someone is going to get lazy, or forgetful, and not properly wash the pitcher after it’s had dairy in it, and if the wrong customer gets the drink, they can become quite ill. Best to keep dairy and non-dairy pitchers separate to eliminate this possibility.

  80. mrdelayer says:

    If you go down to the Starbucks, get a vanilla bean Frappuccino with raspberry syrup. It won’t have that caffeine kick, but damn, is it good.

  81. embean says:

    At Starbucks you can order a “london fog,” it’s a black tea latte with vanilla syrup.

  82. snowpilot says:

    I don’t know if this is part of In-N-Out’s secret menu but you can order your fries well done, which is basically crispy fries. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  83. evilthread says:

    When I was a kid, I remember my mom take us to McD’s when they had the Cheeseburger special on Wednesdays. And I didnt eat cheeseburgers so she went on a wednesday and said “Can I please have a cheeseburger plain, without cheese”. And the server was like “so you want a hamburger?” “no a cheeseburger with no cheese”. They blatantly said no. It was kinda silly cause hamburgers cost more than cheeseburgers on that day >.>

    • Baral'heia Stormdancer says:

      Many restaurants see this as gaming the system – especially if the resulting modification is identical to an existing menu item and rings up cheaper.

      I worked for a franchisor of Arby’s several years ago as an assistant manager. One summer day, we offered Roastburgers for free to anyone who asked for one. When a customer tried to game the system and turn it into a regular roast beef, however, I refused to make it for them. The idea of that promotion was to get people to try the sandwich, not to give away just any roast beef based sandwich.

    • Baral'heia Stormdancer says:

      Two items that are frequently touted as “Secret menu items” for Arbys are the French dip and the Chicken cordon bleu. I suppose both items depend on the franchise, as neither are required menu items (well, as of 2010 at least). The franchisor I worked for, the largest in the central US, had both of these items as standard.

  84. Scarlett says:

    I worked at Starbucks years ago and one truly secret thing not offered on the menu is a breve latte. It’s made with heavy cream instead of milk. Very rich and yummy, if a bit on the fattening side. I suppose you could make a breve mocha too but it doesn’t foam well so capuccinos aren’t really possible.

    Funny story about one customer who tried to add her own ingredients… she came in with a commuter mug and as a matter of policy we rinsed out the cup before putting her drink in it. There was liquid at the bottom but I assumed it was water. She was very upset when she got her drink back from the bar and there was no vodka in it. Heh. (Had she told me beforehand, I would have left it in there but I guess she didn’t want anyone knowing she was drinking at 8:00 in the morning.)

  85. OnoSideboard says:

    I love how many Starbucks employees frequent this site (or former employees, like myself). Most of the posts are right on–the frap blenders are sanatized several times a day and rinsed out after every use. My old store had these crazy little things in the sinks that were, like, blender bidets.

    Whoever said they could make a soy frap only by essentially pouring an iced soy latte into the blender is correct. That’s the only way to do it. The way the frap base is made is by mixing a small amount of strong brewed coffee with a boxed mix that contains all kinds of dairy products (mostly evaporated). I think it’s really misleading to say that it’s possible to make a soy frap–you can’t. You can blend an iced soy latte.

    And yeah, the “seasonal” drinks last as long as the store still has the syrups in stock. Eggnog lattes really are gone when the season ends because the stores stop ordering eggnog, but the gingerbread lattes, pumpkin spice lattes, etc., are just made with bottled syrup that managers often order a TON of during the season and stay good unopened for months.

    OK, one last Starbucks tip: I used to have some customers that loved their Starbucks pastries ice cold. The chocolate pound cake, the espresso brownie, and the fruit bars are particularlly good straight from the freezer. If the store isn’t busy and you’re a good tipper, ask your barista if they can sneak your snack from the freezer rather than get it out of the pastry case.

  86. provjb says:

    I went to Jamba Jucie in NYC today and tired to order a “sourpatch kid.” They looked at me like i had 5 heads. Thanks.

  87. oceanfreaky says:

    As a former and probably future Starbucks Shift Supervisor, getting decaf is the least of your problems if you’re rude to the baristas. Nice regulars can get almost anything they want. One woman who came in at least twice a week got a venti solo espresso macchiatto- one shot and 20 oz of foam. As for rude customers (I worked in the Hamptons so they were never in short supply), we’d give skinny bitches whole milk instead of non fat or “2%” (btw, Starbucks doesn’t have 2%, we just mix non fat and whole). I’m sure most former Partners will back me up, making a Frapuccino is probably the most hated task. I’ve seen my coworkers been treated cruely by customers then “go to the back to get more frap mix”. I’ll let you guess what they were really doing back there.

  88. zyphbear says:

    Ok, I worked at a popular Starbucks store for more than 4 years, made a decent pay until I had to get out of the retail/food service industry. (hours were too long and no time to get vacations,etc)
    Alot of the frap stuff is covered in the Wikipedia article (At least at one point it was). Some things to note:
    Provided it is something the store carries, and it can be made, they will do it, YES that is true. But there are several catches there.

    First of all, Starbucks will only bend over backwards so far for someone. They will not add fruit, ice cream or other such items to a drink. Bring in something? It gets given back to you as you gave it to us. We will not “warm your child’s bottle” or other such outragious requests. It was store policy that if a customer presented anything to be added, to not even accept the item, PERIOD. This includes different kind of sweetner or “additives” to your drink, we won’t do it, just stop asking.

    My store had an issue where more people were allergic to Soy than dairy, so the blending of an “Iced Soy Latte” was not an option since we can’t contaminate the dairy pitcher nor can we contaminate the non-dairy one. So solution? No Blending of Soy. Period.

    Now going back to the “what we have” offer. You can request any syrup to be added to your drink that the STORE CARRIES IN STOCK. That is the catch, many stores will only order what they need for the promotion period (ie: pumpkin spice syrup only enough to last through end of dec/jan), so ask if they have the syrup first.

    You CAN request a “eggnog hot chocolate” during the winter months. You CAN ask to put a shot of espresso in your raspberry creme frap. You CAN ask to have the whipped cream shot into your frap before it’s blended (instead of on top, it makes it a little smoother without the double or triple blending, which is another request if you find your frap to be a little extra chunky most of the time).

    Decaf Frap is a Manager’s Decision. Period. It is based on how quickly they go through the stuff. Most manager’s won’t have it sitting there for a week and not get touched.

    And don’t “nickname” drinks that don’t exist on the menu, just describe it. You can have many nicknames for an item that CAN confuse someone, a “tuxedo”, “penguin”, “B&W”, “striped” and “Zebra” are all names for a half white/half dark mocha, just say half light and half dark mocha.

    Lastly, if you want to “explore” your choices while at the store, try to have most of your decision made BEFORE getting to the barista, having you stand there while it’s your turn for 10 min to decide is not a way to make a barista want to go out of their way to help you. DO NOT BE RUDE. I can’t stress this enough, you want to make friends, not enemies. AND Don’t complain how long it takes to create your “masterpiece” or how much it costs when they are doing it for you, especially when it is VERY busy.

  89. Keo says:

    I work for Claim Jumper, and they also have a policy that if they can do it for you, they will. If the server doesn’t know, just get a manager. They will make whatever you want!

  90. davidwisz says:

    Consuming this “corporate chain food” is not healthy. None of it is organic which means the ingredients are genetically modified and contain pesticides. Did you know that pancreatic cancer is drastically rising in the 40-something age group? Go home and cook a real meal. Eat some fresh organic fruits and vegetables. You will live longer.

  91. alex27t says:

    taco bell also have a green sauce that they have behind the counter. before they had fancy food like quesadillas, i used to get it all the time for my tacos. it’s pretty good, kinda sweet.

  92. Teaserman says:

    Ok, I used to work at McDonalds as a manager. They used to offer the Gran’ Mariner, which is basically a Big Mac, but with tarter sauce instead of Mac sauce, and Fish filets instead of meat (lettuce, pickle, and cheese still included). The Double Mac had a button on the register too. You can order fries no salt if you want (guaranteed fresh). In the 7 years I worked there I never witnessed anyone spitting in food. I honestly dont think that happens as much as people think it might.

    Also I want to comment about Jack in the Box. They “can’t” put mayonnaise on any breakfast sandwich.. at any time of the day?! What’s that about?

  93. arg17_2000 says:

    i work for a bk in Nc. We also have a veggie junior again its the bun with all the fixings but no meat, a toasted cheese whith just the bun and cheese in the middle, the hot & cold ham and cheese sandwiches.. and i believe we still sell the bulls eye bbq sandwich we just call it a rodeo cheeseburger instead. Usually if the cutomer says that they want any sandwich with our spicy sauce or cheesy sauce instead of mayo or other ingredients we have to put it on even when there isn’t a way to ring it up we just have to tell the person making the sandwich.

  94. Pbutter says:

    I have worked in the restaurant buisness for many years. While it’s true that you have to be nice when asking for special items (especially when that person is going to have to convince the kitchen to make your order) it is also true that a truely unique item can add a little variety to your otherwise boring shift. I always liked special requests particularly ones that made me think creatively it shakes it up a bit.

  95. Melov says:

    Bean substitution is no extra charge.

  96. Melov says:

    Taco Bell did away completely with green sauce a few years ago… The store you go to must have an old supply of them.

  97. markio says:

    At Cracker Barrel you can get a “Grandma’s Pancake Sampler”. The momma’s sampler is on the menu, grandma’s is not. It is 2 pancakes, eggs, hashbrown casserole, bacon, sausage, ham, and that delightful orange wedge.

  98. 3ZKL says:


    chai with expresso = red eye chai or my personal favourite ‘tough guy chai’

    “venti, extra hot, no water, 2 pump vanilla, tough guy chai — please”

  99. flyingthundermonkey says:

    Regarding the Burger King “Mustard Whopper”… a recent trip to the northeast coast lends me to believe that this secret menu item is only recognized in the south. After ordering a few “mustard whoppers” up north, I ended up with many puzzled looks and a bun with meat and loads of mustard on it. Nothing else.

  100. bobznc says:

    I don’t think you comprehend the idea of this thread, what you are saying is like telling a group of hackers trying to to steal data from NASA or the IRS to instead just make the information up.

    REALLY?! NO WAY? Thanks!

  101. BStu says:

    In my experience, most sub shops will make you a cheese sub off-menu if you ask for one. The only tricky issue is how much they charge you. Some WAY undercharge by treating it as a lettuce/tomato sub. Others WAY over charge by charging you for a meat sub with a few slices of cheese added. Which REALLY sucks, because you end up getting not enough cheese while being horribly overcharged. I found, though, that most places have a policy on how much cheese to give and how much to charge. Its just not a policy that’s always well communicated to the staff.

  102. tkimmons says:

    No, no, NO, you cannot bring in your own ingredients and have your Starbucks barista add those to your beverages. While you are correct that anything can be blended, and any drink request capable of being made with our IN-STORE resources should (and will) be made for you, it is against our policy to add to beverages anything that the customer has brought in from home. Misinformation like that tends to upset our customers when they (and their lactose-free milk) traipse across town only to be confronted by a barista who may refuse (and get a verbal lashing from the customer) or comply (and get a verbal lashing from the manager).

  103. Jux says:

    in n out won’t make anything bigger then a 4×4 now. My friend works at the local one and he says they are not allowed to make big ol burger anymore because they can not “control the quality” of the burgers when they are too big. I think its because they would rather charge for another burger instead of the extra dollar to get another patty.

  104. sycophant says:

    At BK in New Zealand you can generally order a ‘vegetarian’ Whopper and they will use onion rings in place of the meat patty. Quite tasty I think.

  105. Brumaster says:

    If you need a variation on your caffiene jolt, ask for an ‘Undertow’ at Starbucks. It’s a shot of vanilla, 6-8oz of cold half and half, and a triple shot on top. It’s a pretty awesome layered shooter, and the vanilla swirls up from the bottom. A bit of a novelty, but the baristas swear by them when they get on shift.

  106. kenodeena says:

    I used to work at a B&N cafe. I don’t know the store policies for every Sbux or B&N cafe but I do know that we could make a soy frap. It wasn’t exactly like a normal frap, because it didn’t have the mix in it but I seem to recall that it had vanilla bean powder if it were a creme based frap and coffee/espresso for the coffee based frap.

    I don’t remember exactly how it was charged but I believe it was put in like a flavored iced coffee.

  107. HungryGrrl says:

    I used to work at Au Bon Pain and we made chicken-less Chicken Ceaser Wraps all the time. There was no way to enter this in the computer so they’d go in as a lettuce and cheese wrap and a CSR would have to go tell the sandwich techs what it was really supposed to be. It was more work but we never complained about it. However, even when I worked at Au Bon Pain I preferred D’Angelo’s Caeser wraps! And I think they even have the meatless version on their menu.

    I’m also familiar with Taco Bell’s general willingness to substitute refried beans for meat on any item. I’ve been with (vegetarian) people who’ve ordered the Nachos Supreme with beans instead of beef, for example, and don’t think they add a surcharge.

  108. HungryGrrl says:

    oh another Au Bon Pain item, popular among empolyees, was “Half and Half,” which, like the Nantucket Nectars juice, is half lemon aid and half unsweetened iced tea.

  109. lalahsghost says:

    Talking about Custom things….. and Denny’s, My buddy Trevor’s mom was drunk ages ago, walked into the kitchen of Denny’s and made the “Super Bird”, and that is where it came from. She now has free privileges to the said sandwich at Denny’s locations.

  110. luxpyre says:

    I once ordered a sugar-free caramel frappuccino (a friend asked me to order it for them) at Starbucks and when I asked for it, a look of horror came across the barista’s face and he told me in an anxious voice that he didn’t think it was possible to make a sugar-free caramel frappuccino. He then turned to his co-barrista and when she heard, she got the same look of horror and confirmed it in the same anxious voice. I nearly burst out laughing and told them that that was fine and I would take it with sugar then.

  111. lilbabyboie says:

    Hey im just here to say that theres a secret menu item for in-n-out that was omitted from the ‘secret menu’ menu. its called the flying dutchman and all it is is just two patties with cheese. theres no other ingredients.

  112. msmerymac says:

    The Starbucks thing is BS. They will add any syrup to any frap, add shots of espresso blended in or on top, but you can’t bring anything from home, as that’s a health code violation. We don’t know what’s in it. I’m not going to make some kid sick because you want your vodka or crystal meth added to your extra caramel frap. Save that for your own house. That said, when I was a barista, I did like being able to suggest new drinks and modifications to people who would ask. So if your local Starbucks isn’t too busy, go in and ask the barista for something cold, or fruity, or sweet, and they will more than likely be willing to recommend something, or a way to modify an existing drink (for example, a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla caramel machiatto, or a sugar-free caramel light frap, or an extra hot caramel mocha). The peppermint white mocha is great, hot or as a creme frappuccino. It tastes like Christmas, but you can get it all year long, since the peppermint syrup is always stocked.

    Baja fresh will do any menu item vegetarian or with any meat. For example, fish and shrimp can be used in fajitas, quesadillas, nachos, etc, even if only steak, chicken and carnitas are mentioned on the menu, but they might cost more. I’ve also gotten the nacho burrito with no chicken. They’ll take things off, substitute chips for rice and beans, etc.

  113. kittencaboodle says:

    I went to Starbucks and asked for a simple Banana Carmel Frappichino (it used to be on the menu) and they refused to serve me it. Of course it had to be the day that I went to the Starbucks at Vons, which has no manager onsite. So don’t lie and say that they’ll make you anything, because they won’t.

  114. iveworkedeverywhere says:

    I work for Jamba so I just thought I would let some of you Jamba fans know that you can’t necessarily order everything on these lists because we don’t have the recipes for them in every store. If you’re lucky enuf to get a team member who has worked there for awhile you can probably order most of these, but I have worked there for a year and I only know how to make about 4 things on these lists. In California you have the best chance (cuz this is where Jamba started). The older more established stores are your best bet. Also, you can modify any smoothie.

  115. drewheyman says:

    why would i want to live longer if i have to eat a bunch of boring vegetables to do it? no thanks. and it’s not true that none of it is organic. certain items from many chain restaurants are organic. and fast food may not be healthy, but it is not unhealthy either.

  116. bethiclaus says:

    I don’t have time to read all the comments, so it may already be said, but under no circumstances are Starbucks employees allowed to add ingredients brought from home by a customer. They will certainly leave room for you to add them yourselves, but they can’t do it for you. They also can’t add anything from the “RTD” (Ready to Drink) section to your drink. So no asking for an Italian soda with that Pelligrino from the refrigerator section.

    My husband is a Starbucks manager and he would simply smile at you and explain the policy.

    Otherwise, though, you really can do anything you want. Even if you do seem like a total poseur.

  117. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @HungryGrrl: Half lemonade and half iced tea is known as an “Arnold Palmer”

  118. thelushie says:

    @SexCpotatoes: I order it all the time. There is a double cheeseburger value meal too.

    @OnwardChristianLaettner: Don’t be a prick to the employees. It isn’t an excuse as doing anything to anyone’s food is uncalled for. But it is amazing what they will do for you if you are nice and respect them as human beings.

  119. Elessar says:

    So here’s the deal with Jamba:

    These ‘Secret Menu’ smoothies are creations of Jamba employees that make the rounds at GM conferences. They don’t always have the same names or the same ingredients from store to store. And some of the names listed here don’t really exist. All Jamba employees sign a confidentiality agreement upon hiring that includes drink recipes, so trying to get one of them to tell you what’s in the drinks usually isn’t going to fly.

    You can order a few of these drinks in stores but there is no button for them – the employee on register makes the necessary substitutions to an already existing drink. The only exceptions are the White Gummi, the Pink Star, and the Strawberry Shortcake. For example: a Red Gummi is simply a White Gummi, no mango, sub strawberries. Don’t complain because you were charged for a white gummi.

    Which is another point. Any customer can make any modification to any drink with our available ingredients. Just don’t try to substitute dry ingredients for wet ones. That’s just stupid. And don’t complain when you don’t like the way it tastes. Your stupid ass chose the ingredients.

    The reason these drinks aren’t on the menu is because of the health concerns. These drinks are loaded with sugar and calories. An original size of a White Gummi or a Pink Star contains twelve ounces of sherbet and only three ounces of fruit.

    Go the smart way and order from the menu.

  120. bjcolby15 says:


    I agree. Over-pious food puritans are the scourge of the earth.

    You’ve got to have an even keel with the “good” stuff and the “bad” stuff, meaning you shouldn’t be guilt-tripped into eating what some guilt-riddled organic food worshiper demands you to eat. Want that 6x6x6 In-n-Out burger? Cut way the hell back on the sugary soda – drink plenty of water instead. Like your freshly-prepared, 100% organic salad? No one’s going to haul you off to jail if you stop by Ben and Jerry’s for a Cherry Garcia or a soy latte from Starbucks.

    On the other hand, overdoing fast food or any other food, no matter what the food content is, will cause problems down the road, including vegetarian/vegan foods. (All those “diseases” davidwisz described only happen in extreme, rare cases. And yes, throwing around numbers doesn’t make it so.)

    Again, balance and control is the key, and if you have that in hand, ordering “off the menu” is fine by me.

  121. AviJorts says:

    I’m a former Starbucks Barista, and I can tell you that what you say is mostly true, but the main limit is the Health Code, which pretty much forbids the company (in most places) from using stuff people bring from home.

    Also, there’s some stuff they REALLY can’t put in the blender, due to health code, and if they do, they can get in serious trouble, depending on the state codes.

    Examples of stuff I was asked to do, but couldn’t:

    Cut a lemon up (due to type of store food service license)

    Use a customer’s Rice milk in making an iced latte (we gave her shots over ice instead, and she added the rice milk)

    Steam a customer’s goats milk (not allowed at all, if you see a barista steaming something that a customer brought in, please report it to health officials)

    Toast a bagel

    Microwave a bagel (these may have changed at stores that now have the breakfast sandwhiches, as they require a modified food service permit, at least in IL)

    Blend a cookie into a drink

    Things I was asked to do that I did:

    make an “iced cappuccino” (a cappuccino is made from steamed and foamed milk, and when it is iced, it makes a kind of disgusting sludge, as compared to an iced latte, which is made with cold milk, some markets will not allow this, as it’s considered to be “insanitary”)

    steam milk above a certain temperature or below a certain temperature (just not allowed by the health code where i worked)

    I could name dozens of things from both categories, but i think you get the gist of things.

  122. Anonymous says:

    Okay, okay so I love secret menus, don’t get me wrong, Animal Style fries made my adolescence lovely (occasionally lol). BUT the post about Starbucks..if someone tells you that they can’t make something…youre going to ask to see their manager? Has anyone ever worked in customer service here? My goodness. I work at a Chipotle-style burrito place called Qdoba and people ask us to put stuff on the Quesadilla press all the time. I’m not a bitch, but we can’t do’ll ruin the machine. If I said no and someone asked to see my manager I think I’d be a little peeved. I think secret menus are fun but let’s not make those of us who make minimum wage’s lives hell because youre bored!
    Okay, there’s my rant..sorry(:

  123. Anonymous says:

    I have only seen it at about 5 Jamba locations, but some folks know how to make a Big Sandy.

    It is simply a Mango Mantra, with a Heart Happy boost and the “secret” part is the 1 oz shot of wheat grass they put in it. It tastes green and sweet at the same time. If you get it with two ounces, it’s named a Hank, since I am the only one who gets it that way.

    If you can post this, maybe word will get around, so the rest of the stores can make it, too. It’s still kind of hard to find.



  124. moore850 says:

    Can’t you order a captain 52 or something like that at in-n-out in order to get the fries on the burger?

  125. kopns says:

    Denny’s… I didn’t want bacon, sausage or ham with my order, so I asked If I could have some hash browns. The girl said yes, but then came back and said I HAD to choose a meat. She couldn’t even give them to me for a few extra cents or whatever. I didn’t want them enough to order them as a separate item.

  126. coren says:

    One thing to keep in mind for the secret menus is that you have to know how to make it yourself in some cases (in particular ingredients). I know that any jamba juice nearby asks me what goes n the “specialty” drinks

  127. cptrec says:

    The Starbucks thing is mostly true. I managed a Starbucks up until 5 months ago, and we will blend anything you want together (and charge you for it). However it is against company policy to blend anything we don’t sell in the store. This is a food safety issue and quality concern. Also if you like mixing syrups and keep it within the amount normally put in a drink, they shouldn’t charge extra, i.e. A Venti latte gets 6 pumps of syrup, it doesn’t matter if you mix and match. However if you mix and get more than 6 pumps they are supposed to charge for the additional syrup. If you choose just one syrup you can get unlimited pumps though.

  128. Doncosmic says:

    I have in fact ordered the Matterhorn at Baskin Robbins, its not on the menu, but most stores have old training guides lying around from when it was

  129. parv says:

    At Starbucks, is brown sugar (the one with molasses, not the unbleached kind) reserved for the cereal only (as conveyed by the cashier|baritsa)? Or, is it possible to have ~1.75 teaspoon of brown sugar for a small Americano (with chocolate & bit of steamed milk)?

  130. Captain Packrat says:

    Jack-in-the-Box will also make anything you want as long as they have the ingredients.

    I personally like to order a Jumbo Jack with an egg on it.

  131. Thespian says:

    Chili’s never took chili off the menu; I don’t know how this idea got started. It’s there, listed with the soups, like it always has been.

  132. bender123 says:

    Heres one…Taco Johns: Super hot sauce. Just ask for “green sauce” or “super hot” and you get a fresh cup of pureed jalapenos to put on your tex-mex fare.

  133. Vitae says:

    If you like Capn’ Crunch with Crunchberries, try this: At Starbucks order a Strawberries and Cream frapp, add +1 shot of hazlenut and +1 toffeenut. Hollyyyyy Crunchberries! Awesome drink!

  134. mistersmith says:

    In-n-Out does NOT go past 4×4 now. Those frat boys that got the 100×100 ruined it for everyone, it’s now policy to top out at 4. No matter how nicely you ask.

  135. gotnostyle says:

    I used to work at a TGI Friday’s and remember delivering chicken parmesan to a customer when it was not a menu item. The manager visited the table to make sure the customer liked it. They also carry all the crap to make any of your discontinued favorites from the menu, as far as I know. Try ordering the orange chicken last featured in like 1999. I bet they crank it out.

  136. sj_user1 says:

    Why is the consumerist telling people how to kill themselves faster and cheaper?

    • twerp says:

      because this is America and there is freedom of speech?

      just like you have the freedom to read the site or go elsewhere. But you are here, aren’t you?