Help Make Our Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items Even Bigger

It’s been more than four years since we first posted The Really Big Guide To Secret Menu Items, in which readers shared their inside scoops on how to score hidden fast food gems like “Naked Chicken” at Popeyes or take advantage of TGIFriday’s Five Easy Pieces policy. There have been several requests to update and expand the list, so we’re going back to the source: you.

For example, there’s the Mc10:35, which combines a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin with a McDouble burger and can only be ordered during those few minutes when the breakfast service is winding down and the lunch menu is kicking in.

So maybe there’s something you know about that didn’t make the original list, even if it’s some concoction you dreamed up and were able to convince the restaurant staff to make for you. Let us know in the comments or send an e-mail to with the words SECRET MENU in the subject line.

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